Top Food to Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally

Before 120 years there is no any modern equipment to measure blood pressure if you think logically you must found that time very less people are suffering in this condition. But nowadays if you suffer disease or any abnormality in your health, the doctor first checks up your blood pressure, it means High BP or Low BP is common Nowadays.

The doctor immediately prescribes medicine to Normalize your BP, and this disease is not a one-time disease like a fresh Wound that is curing one time not again come.

So try to cure it for life long, medication is only helping you for a short time period. in this article, we Know about some magical food that helps you never taking any medication for the treatment of Hypertension.

Lower Blood pressure
Blood pressure measure equipment

What is High Blood pressure?

Medical term it knows as Hypertension.  For leaving tissue and cell in our body, Oxygen and nutrient are very common requirements. Blood helps to reach the Oxygen and Nutrient to cells and tissue.

The way of blood passing is very narrow if any condition blocks the way of blood flow then the pressure of the blood rises.

Blood pressure is the force of blood against the walls of the arteries. BP rises and falls throughout the day. When blood pressure stays elevated over time it is called High BP.

High BP is dangerous because it makes the heart work too hard and continues to ´atherosclerosis´ (hardening of the arteries). It increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, which are the first and third leading causes of death among Americans.

High BP can also result in other conditions such as congestive heart failure, kidney disease, and blindness.

What is the cause of High Blood Pressure?      

High blood pressure hypertension is a condition that is prominent in modern western cultures and diets. These cultures that are remote and follow their traditional diets have a very little incidence of high BP, even in advanced aging.

In the busy life, people are not aware of proper healthy food and they like to eat excessive oil and species. These types of food contain more amount of LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) which main cause of High BP.

LDL floats in the Blood and easily blockage the arteries ultimately increase the pressure of the blood.

According to the American Heart Association, about 65 million Americans over the age of 18 have high blood pressure. That´s about one in three adults.

In 2003 more than 52,000 Americans died from complications related to high BP. Between 1992 and 2004 the rate of death from high BP rise nearly 30 percent.

For African-American women, it´s half the population and for [black] men it´s a major problem as well. At least one-third of those with high blood pressure are not being treated. That means millions and millions of men and women are at risk.

Did you know that people who do not have high BP at age 55 face a 90 percent chance of developing it during their later life. So blood pressure is a condition that most people will have at some point in their lives.

The amazing thing – once I got into doing research of all the traditional and pharmaceutical treatment for high BP, let me tell you… the things that I discovered were just amazing, and also the side effects that people were getting.

Natural Foods to Reduce Blood Pressure

1.Leafy Greens

Leafy Green contains the well amount of Potassium and magnesium, These two minerals are essential for lowering blood pressure. There many different leafy Vegetables are present like Kale, Swiss chard, Cabbage, Spinach, Broccoli, Brussels, Sprouts, Arugula are best for reducing Blood pressure.

The High amount of potassium helps to maintain normal blood pressure. Magnesium helps to reduce the tightness of muscle so blood can easily pass in the blood vessel.

2.Citrus Food

Citrus food like lemon, orange, and grapes contain an adequate amount of vitamin C , Which is enough for controlling blood pressure. Citrus food juice is working like a mineral that balances Sodium and potassium concentration in body which ultimately controls blood pressure.

3.Fish Oil

Fish oil are rich in essential fatty acids or omega-3 fatty acid which help to protect inflammation in our blood vessel. When blood are flow in blood vessel rapidly endothelial cell are damaged. At that place chances of inflammation is more. Fish oil containing omega-3 fatty acid helps to protect inflammation in a blood vessel.

Nowadays there are many pharmaceutical companies are produce a different product which contains omega-3 fatty acid but you can take food which contains omega-3 fatty acid.

4.Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain good amount of potassium, magnesium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, copper and vitamin K. so all this nutrition helps to normalize high BP.

Pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin seeds for lower blood pressure

5.Beans and Pulses

According to study of Am J Hypertens, those people have high blood pressure they are can eat some Beans, lentils and pulses on daily basis with lunch , diner. Because there food contains magnesium and potassium. Which are helps  to lower blood pressure.



Blueberries contain 25 different types of anthocyanin along with Vitamin C, Vitamin K and fiber. Scientist proved that Anthocyanin are helps to lower blood pressure. Vitamin C is good for brain health. So eating of 2 cups of Blueberries daily can helps you to control BP.


7.Carrot Juice

Carrots are rich in vitamin C, potassium, and nutrients which help to lower blood pressure.

According to study, we found if a person has high BP and continues to take carrot juice for 3 months there is more chance to normalize blood pressure after 3 months.

The phenolic compound present in the carrots helps in relax blood vessel and cure the inflammation of blood vessels.

8.Tomato juice

Tomato have good amount of potassium and lycopene. So as we know potassium helps to neutralize the excessive amount of sodium in the body, So ultimately reduce the blood pressure.

Lycopene helps to function of heart ultimately blood pressure normalize.

9.Watermelon juice

Those people have high fat there are many chance of high BP. Dieting is one of the best way to reduce the fat.

Watermelon juice contain citrulline which is is amino acid helps to produce nitric oxide gas, this gas is helps relax blood vessel and ultimately BP gradually descrease.

So at the time of dieting people must drinking some Watermelon juice to Naturally control BP.


Oats is highly fibrous food, it helps to fulfill the stomach and energized your body. Beta glucagon present in oats helps to naturally lower the BP.


Allicin is main phytochemical present garlic, these phytochemical helps to works like antibiotics and antifungal activity. Allicin helps to produce nitric oxide in the body and nitric oxide helps to relax the blood vessel ultimately BP control.


Pistachios are western Asia fruits that have more amount of unsaturated fatty acid and potassium which are helps to lower BP.

It also helps to reduce the many cardiovascular diseases due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

It also helps to control the blood cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels.


Kiwi is a naturally sweet food with lots of nutrition. Kiwi contains an adequate amount of potassium and vitamin C and natural sugar.

According to the study, we found daily intake of 3 kiwis is helps to maintain low BP.

14.Red Chili (Chili Peppers)

Now scientists have proven that chili peppers contain a high amount of chemical capsaicin which helps reduce the BP instantly within 30 seconds. Those people are suffering stroke and heart attack, chili peppers is one of Natural emergency medicine for lower BP.

Is mutton Paya soup good for high blood pressure?

Mutton Paya is a very energetic food, which is good for bone and muscle and it helps to gives you a good sleep and improve sleep.

But we observe that when preparing of mutton Paya cooks are using more amount of oil and many different types of spices. So cholesterol level is high. Mutton, it shelf have more amount of fat. So try to avoid this type of spice food when suffering from high BP.

What medicine will be effective for controlling mild high blood pressure?

There are lots of medicine available for high blood pressure like Hygroton, Diuril, Hydrodiuril, Lozol, Zaroxolyn and many more are available under thiazide diuretics. Which are working well for Mild High BP.

But a good doctor always advice to eat some Natural food for controlling high BP which have no side effects.

How can you lower my blood pressure immediately?

High BP is disease, Many people are suffer in this disease, only some medicine helps you to lower blood pressure but it is helps you some time frame not for long time.

If want to control high BP then try to Natural ways, there are several way to control high BP.

  1. Regular exercise helps you circulation of blood well.
  2. Try to reduce spice and salty food intake.
  3. Reduce smoking and drinking.
  4. Don’t drink coffee.
  5. Always try to eat some potassium-rich food.

Can aspirin lower your blood pressure?  

Yes, Aspirin 350 mg helps to reduce the viscosity of blood. so blood flows easily in a blood vessel. But aspirin is not showing their effect if you take at the morning so you can take it at night time better work.


In this article, we will try to explain about lower blood pressure, High BP and also we discuss 14 different natural food that are helps to control high BP. According to data of WHO heart attack is very dangerous disease. Every year 17 million people are died due to heart attack or stock.