Olive oil for hair growth has become more common in the present days because of the natural ingredients present in this olive oil. Olive oil is extracted from the leaves of the traditional tree named olive which has the scientific name as olea europaea.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair

Olive oil is the natural hair protector that helps the hair from breaking and also provides faster growth of hair. This olive oil is rich in protein ingredients that help in the faster growth of hair. This oil consists of natural elements and thus prevents many allergic issues.

This is the best medicine for the hair loss problem. Hair loss occurs due to the presence of the DTH hormone that causes the hair follicles shaft to decrease. The regular use of olive oil will prevent the production of this DTH hormone and thus prevents the hair fall problems.

The olive oil contains many anti oxidants that help in increasing the health of the scalp. This oil also acts as the natural conditioner for the hair. It also makes the hair soft and shiny and gives a glossy appearance to the hair.

Olive Oil for Hair
Olive Oil for Hair

This oil also contains many anti fungal and anti bacterial properties that helps the person to prevent form many problems like dandruff and head ice. The regular application of olive oil for hair will kill all the bacterial particles and also helps the person in getting rid of may scalp infections. Thus it will promote the healthy hair growth.

Olive oil for hair growth is the best treatment than many other artificial chemical included shampoos. The olive oil is the remedy for all the hair problems. The oil consists of the vitamin E that is very much useful for the growth of hair.

This oil promotes the hair growth to a great extent. It acts as the good conditioner to the hair. The regular use of this oil helps in nourishing the scalp. it also provides the moisture to the hair. The main advantage of this oil is that this oil provides strength and elasticity to the hair.

Vitamin Present in Olive Oil

The essential vitamins that are needed for the well growth of hair and scalp is the vitamin E and vitamin A. These vitamins are present in larger amount in this oil and thus this oil acts as the good promoter for the growth of hair.

The person having frizzy hairs can also improve the hair appearance and strength by the use of this olive oil. By applying the olive oil on the scalp the epidermis of the microbes that affect the growth of the hair will be eliminated. The hair will be stronger and also have the glossy appearance increasing the aesthetic beauty of the user. It is very much helpful for the person having the dry hair. This is because the oil has the moisturizing agent that helps in keeping the hair in the moisturized condition.

Olive Oil Helps Regrowth of Hair

Olive oil for hair regrowth is the best way for the promotion of the growth of hair. Olive oil is the natural oil that is being extracted from the leaves of the traditional tree named as olive which is scientifically called as Olea europaea. This olive oil is very much good for the growth of hair. They also provide stronger and shiny hair. This also promotes the hair growth at a faster rate.

They prevent the hair fall and thus prevent the balding problem. This oil is very much suitable to provide the regrowth of hair in the areas from which the hair is suffering from the breakage. This oil also increases the quality of the hair.

This oil is rich in vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin E that is helpful for the regrowth of the hair. Using olive oil for the purpose of hair growth is considered as one of the best ways to promote growth of hair. The presence of the hormone named DTH hormone causes the hair follicle shaft to decrease.

This will result in the hair fall. By the regular use of this olive oil, the production of this DTH hormone is prevented and thus promoting the hair growth. The natural oil present in this oil nourishes the scalp as well as the root of the hair follicles. This olive oil consists of many anti oxidants that help in promoting the overall scalp health. Even the damage caused due to the chemicals used in many shampoos can be cured by using this natural olive oil.

how to use olive oil for hair growth?

olive oil which is also known as liquid gold has a lot of benefits for us most of the people know that as a named volley boil.


 Olive oil good for skin but people are unaware of the benefits of olive oil for hair the highest consumption of olive oil for health diet and to protect hair loss. It is mostly use in Spain.

it is famous in all over the world for its various benefits. It is also used as anti-dandruff if you use olive oil regularly for your hair’s.

Best using tips of Oilve oil for Hair

  • justmix the olive oil with a lemon and massage it on your scalp regularly for a few days. it softens your hairs. Those people are  regularly traveling or going out in pollution area, many chances of hair damage like hairs become very rough and hard. To get the overcome this problem  just rub some olive oil before going out to work or any where you want. it will always keep your hair soft and silky.
  • olive oil and garlic[Music]garlic is very rich in calcium, sulfur and zinc. which nourish the hair follicles and helps in proper hair growth. just heat the mixture of a few garlic cloves in olive oil then use it to massage when the mixture cools down. Continue this procress for a week for good hair growth.
  • olive oil with coconut milk you three TSP of olive oil coconut milk mixture to massage the scalp of the hair and keep it around 20 minutes then wash it with shampoo and water it will help in very good growth of hairs if used regularly for a few days to get better result.
Olive oil use in hair
Olive oil use in hair

This procress is very easy to use olive oil for hair which gives you more benefits. This oil is not only for hair but also many doctors are prescribed the medicine containing Olive oil to protect many diseases. Read more Hear about Olive oil Benefits

Is olive oil good for hair and scalp?

Yes, Olive oil contains mainly two different types of Vitamin that is vitamin A and Vitamin E. which is gives nutrients to your hair and scalp so your hair is becomes more strong and dandruff free. if possible you can use this oil to your Hair.

How use olive oil for hair growth?

Now a day Hair fall and hair growth is most common problem so Olive oil is best to over come this problem. Buy a good quality olive oil and mixed with lemon and massage to hair for hair growth as well softness of hair.


Olive oil for hair regrowth is the best method that are being used by many people in the world. This has produced nearly 95% of results in the persons suffering from hair fall and hair breakage. Olive oil is also used as the natural conditioner for the hair. This is the best natural conditioner and fortifier that promote the growth of hair.

Applying this oil in the hair makes the hair shiny and soft and also strong. The olive oil consists of many anti fungal and anti bacterial properties that is very much useful in getting rid of many problems such as dandruff and head ice formation. Since the olive oil is rich in poly phenols it prevents the dandruff formation and also avoids the dry scalp.

Olive oil is rich in nutrients that promote the growth and strength of existing and growing hairs. The hair becomes more soft and thicker than before. Massaging the head scalp with the olive oil will increase the blood circulation in the scalp and thus stimulates the growth of the hair at the faster rate. This Oil transforms the hair from dull and lifeless to soft, smooth, silky, nourished and moisturized. They also prevent the loss of hair in the great extent. It helps in preventing the formation of dandruff and also avoids the hair from graying. Overall Olive oil is Best for Hair Growth.