Times when you feel not hungry at all

For most of the people, there are difficulties in keeping a normal body weight that will not be an obstacle to their everyday activities. Sometimes, this happens because you just have not the mood to eat at all. This is the time to get some natural appetite stimulants which are the best solution in adding weight to your body mass in a natural and healthy way.

Not only, when you have lost your appetite but even when you are exhausted by the workload and need a supplement, the natural appetite stimulants are there to assist you find the natural balance you need.

How appetite stimulant increase your eating capacity
appetite stimulant

How can you identify yourself as the best candidate for stimulants?

In modern societies, the trend is the obesity. So, for some people it may sound weird that somebody is looking for natural appetite stimulants to actually gain weight and feel better.

The stimulant mechanism is well observed by the scientists are there is a special internal path where all the hormones and other substances are giving you the order to produce more body fat an greater muscle mass.

For many people like the postmenopausal women there is a natural reduction in the muscle mass that leads to a reduced body weight. Other people that may be good candidates for natural appetite stimulants may include those who suffer from Anorexia Nervosa ( a severe mental disorder that reduces the appetite to unacceptable with life levels) or even Osteoporosis that is the main cause for reduced appetite in our days.

The use of natural substances

For many years now, people have been using natural remedies to increase their appetite levels. Many herbs have been identified to assist the appetite process and studies have also proven their beneficial action to the human body.

Plants and other natural extracts are in the direct use of people who want to find some reliable, natural appetite stimulants that work under any conditions.

The natural substances are always interfering with the well-known organic reactions of the human cells and reach their targeted organs through the blood circulation. They are getting metabolized in the liver and are usually dissolved into simple molecules that are harmless for your health.

The use of synthetic medications

There is a great segment of the population in constant need for natural appetite stimulants which are synthetic products. Chemistry and pharmacology sciences have shown the way to the creation of new substances that are extremely effective in increasing your appetite and help you gain weight rapidly.

The appetite stimulant medication is a special part of the pharmaceutical business that is constantly growing giving you more solutions to the persisting problem of the acute weight loss.

One of the most powerful substances ever created for this reason has been the megestrol medication. This active substance is actually a synthetic hormone (progestin) that acts into the glands that increase stomach activity and thus induce appetite.

Different researchers are supporting that the megestrol appetite stimulant, has a more profound mechanism of action in the receptors of the brain cells. There the appetite can be adjusted directly by the “data center” of your body and give you amazing results even from the first days of use.

List of synthetic and natural appetite stimulant

There are a few proprietary blended appetite stimulant supplements on the market who all claim to have the best way to engage the appetite. They strive to accomplish what the prescriptions do, however, they claim to accomplish this feat without any side effects from the herbal and natural ingredients used in them. Here we discus about three different products out there: CB1 Weight Gainer, Black Hole, and Eatmor.

natural appetite stimulant are increase food gain capacity
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CB1 Weight Gainer – goes for the athlete who wants to increase appetite for the athlete who is struggling to put on weight or increase for sports or athletic applications. This supplement seems to want to acquire people who “want” to gain weight rather than help people who “need” to gain weight such as cancer patients or those with HIV or AIDS.

Black Hole – This is a supplement is non-psychoactive cannabinomimetic alkylamides complex who is help to fast absorption, eat more, indirectly add lean mass, stimulate metabolism to reduce body fat. By introducing the initial components of THC the body will finish off the rest of the job and utilize the chemical components to crease hunger. However, they are not claiming the initial side effects of cannabis such as lack of inspiration, focus, and drive.

Eatmor – Is an appetite stimulant built to increase hunger by creating the symptoms of hunger in the user. By causing a warming stomach, salivation, and improved mood Eatmor enhances the brain to think that it is hungry based on naturally occurring triggers. It also uses naturally occurring herbs and minerals.

Other herbs and minerals that can help to increase appetite include: Saw Palmetto, Ginger, Gentian, AndroGentian, Devil’s Claw (root or powder), Alfalfa, Peppermint, Gensing, Brewer’s Yeast, Zinc, Vitamin E, and Papaya Leaves.

These herbs can tend to be most effective when combined with a multi complex B-Vitamin as this will dramatically improve mood and when combined with herbs this can be the most easily accessible method to stimulate the appetite with the le ase amount of side effects.


Megestrol special features

Megestrol (Megace) is a well-known drug that looks like the endogenous steroid-hormones. This type of hormones is produced in adrenal or other types of neuroendocrine system secretion glands and are activated when passing through the liver.

While the natural hormones are acting only to the peripheral endocrine system the Megestrol drug acts separately in the glands as well as the brain cells. It can run through the blood brain barrier and keep its active molecule away of the inhibitors so that it can securely deliver the message of appetite increase to the brain cells.

Scientists that created natural appetite stimulants, think of Megestrol as their greatest achievement. This is due to its special formulation that is 1000 times more active than the natural molecule found inside your body.

Megestrol has an 8-hour degradation time, which is among the highest in the category. When passing through the body it gets metabolized in the liver to simpler proteins and eventually is secreted by the urinary tract as well as the respiratory system through your breath.

There are no known side effects of the Megestrol. People tend to have mild headaches when taking the Megestrol pills for the first time or start cutting on the medication. The drug has similarities to the appetite stimulants mechanism of action while it offers persons with induced appetite for prolonged periods of time.

Another great achievement of this medication is to be safe enough for women during pregnancy. Many women are experiencing appetite loss during pregnancy which can severely harm the normal fetus development and even threaten the life of both mother and newborn.

Megestrol as one of the main appetite stimulants for pregnant women, can guarantee the normal nutritional behavior of the receiver without any additional side effects on the fetus.

Treatment for Anorexia using Appetite stimulant medications

Anorexia Nervosa is eating disorder those people are affecting these disease there are lower body weight compare to height. This disorder are affected both men and women. When people are affected these type of disease doctor prescribe some appetite stimulant to recover the patients. Medication are

  • Megace® (megestrol)
  • Marinol® (dronabinol)
  • Periactin® (cyproheptadine)
  • Oxandrin® (oxandrolone)
  • Remeron® (mirtazapine)
  • Eldertonic®.

Each specific drug has a recommended dose and contra indications that are beyond the scope of this article. Megace and Marinol have both been documented in studies to improve symptoms of anorexia associated with weight loss in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and cancer patients. Oxandrin is an anabolic steroid that has also been used successfully in cases of AIDS and cancer for weight gain. Remeron is an antidepressant that corrects some chemical imbalances found in people with depression and can often increase appetite in the process. Periactin, an antihistamine, appears to increase appetite in some users although the mechanism of action is unknown and patients often complain of drowsiness. Eldertonic is a sherry-based alcoholic beverage that contains a mixture of vitamins and minerals, and often serves as a natural appetite stimulant. Other medications are known to increase appetite in some patients, but this is a side effect and not the intended purpose of the prescription. In those cases, increased appetite or weight gain from appetite increase is listed as a side effect of the medication.

How to Treatment for Anorexia

The role of medicinal appetite stimulants in the treatment of anorexia in the geriatric population is not clear. Despite limited research, several medications are commonly used to promote weight gain in the elderly. None however are specifically indicated for the treatment of weight loss. (Huffman, Rehman, Niedert, Zanni). The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t labeled any drugs for use in elderly patients specifically with regard to weight loss, in contrast to the whole of the 18 to 55 demographic for healthy population (Huffman, Zanni). Nonetheless, these drugs often are prescribed for this purpose of appetite modification

It is also important to factor in elderly patient’s currently prescribed medications when making a decision about whether to use an appetite stimulant. The patient may already be taking a medication that causes anorexia and unintended weight loss. There are several medications of this nature commonly seen in the elderly community. They include Lasix®, Coumadin®, and digoxin (Niedert)- all these can result in fluid loss, overall decrease in body mass and vitality and in some cases anorexia.

Must know before taking appetite stimulant

Dietitians and nutritionists should consider many facts before ordering appetite stimulants in the elderly population. Of course the first consideration should always be a person’s medical condition, advance directives, and plans for palliative care. Is the patient healthy enough to respond to an appetite stimulant treatment? Does the patient and/or family want aggressive treatment of weight loss or poor food intake, or a more mild natural appetite stimulant? Gaining weight gradually may be more favorable due to a patients medical history. Is the weight loss part of an inevitable decline because of a medical condition? If so, an appetite stimulant medication may not be appropriate. Patients who have diabetes and are taking appetite stimulants should always have their blood sugar monitored carefully and frequently. Sudden increases in caloric intake can result in blood sugar fluctuations that may require significant adjustment to diabetes medications.

Conclusion Appetite stimulant

Through the vast plethora of the natural appetite stimulants, Megestrol keeps having a dominant position. Not only, does it induce appetite through a natural way, but it also gives more strength and power to people to cope up with daily life.

The way of action of this drug is relieving tons of ready to use energy molecules in the blood stream and increases the secretion of insulin which is the major appetite substance-hormone in the human body.

It metabolizes rather easily when passing through the liver and can be removed from the body easily within an 8-hour timeframe. There are not any severe side effects from its constant use, and you are going to gain weight in a matter of days after the initial use of the product.

Make sure you are always getting the natural appetite stimulants, which can help you find your overall balance without harming your body. Megestrol can give yourself unlimited power. Take advantage of it!