Beauty tips || Natural beauty tips || Beauty tips for face

Beauty tips || Natural beauty tips || Beauty tips for face

Beauty tips , Natural beauty tips , Beauty tips for face

Beauty is god gifted. Some people are looking beautiful without using any cosmetic or face pack. Age group of 12-55 year are very take very interesting to this topic. They are always trying to looking glowing . specially ladies are more interest

Beauty is attract towards it shelf . it not comes to society it continue form ancient time. Now it overly spread but it effectiveness are some what vary place to place.

Face is more importance factor how much his/her looking beautiful. So in this blog I explain some natural thing how looking beautiful.

Beauty Tips

beauty tips
beauty tips

Some factor which affect the beauty   

Acne is most common factor which is affect beauty of the skin .some study of American of dermatology about 40 to 50 milion people are affected acne every year. Acne cause are genetics, hormones, menstruration, food and stress.

Sunlight is very harmful to face as well as body skin. In the sunlight contain Ultraviolet  light which is very harmful to direct expose to the skin.

Ageing process is also affect to face skin .due to ageing face are show wrinkle .

Deficiency of some vitamin like vitamin C is very harmful to the skin.

Sleeping disturbance is very harm full to your skin

Natural ingredient side effect

There are 10,500 natural ingredient which have natural effect for glowing the skin are documented by the U.S .but there are very less amount of this figure are safety for the use . some of this are carcinogenic , teratogens and reproductive toxicants (which is damage the reproductive system) which is affect the beauty of face.

Beauty tips for beauty face

Beauty tips No 1

Clean you face regular basic to remove dirt , grime and removing of dead skin on daily basic no mater color of the skin . Always use normal water for cleaning of the face . There are the procedure like Cleansing , scrubbing , toning and moisturing of face.


In the day to day life our face is exposed various factor like dust ,sunlight, smokes, bacteria, chemicals .so dryness of the skin is ocours. After cleaning of your face you can use any facial mask or moisturizer.

Every week you must remove the dead skin form your face for better glowing of skin then you can use the toner for smoothness of the skin , toner remove the all the oil form the skin and  hydrate the face.

Moisturizing is very importace role for any types of the skin .it make the face red or flaky. It also helps the anti ageing of face .

Fare colour is looking beauty and more attractive to seen. And colour doesn’t  changes it may be modified some thing but it is not totally changes. Takes some tips to develop your shelf.

Every day you must takes some Vitamin c Rich food like orange or lemon juice.every morning you must take one cup of water with lemon juice and eat spoon of honey.This is start your day very good.

Vitamin A is very helpful to tighten skin and brighten face ,for that you need food like milk ,egg yolks and shell fish, and some vegetable and fruits like carrots ,watermelons ,ripe papaya. The -beta carotene are glow your skin.

Best tips are drink  8-10 glasses of water per day which is essential for hydration of your body and toxic free of your body.
Vegetable rich in vitamin C
Vegetable rich in vitamin C

Protect your face form sunlight

Always trying to protect your skin form the sunlight. Direct sun light is very harmful to face skin .direct sunlight containing Ultraviolet ray . always wear the hat or cap or take umbrella before going to direct sunlight. When you going to sunlight use sunscreen lotion before 20 minutes.

Exfoliate of your face

Your face required exfoliation not more time minimum 2 time for a week 2-5 minute with proper exfoliators. Exfoliation help your skin glowing ,soften. Due to exfoliation of face remove of dead skin , dry patches and roughness of your skin is clear. There are natural exfoliator as well as cosmetic exfoliator are present. Due unavailability of natural exfoliator you can use cosmetic .

Process of  exfoliation

  1. Take smooth towel dip into warm water remove the water towel and keep it your face for 2-3 minutes. Remember don’t  use hot water it can burn your skin . this process help you to open you pores in face .
  2. Clean your face with little warm water which is help to remove dry skin form your face .
  3. Apply the exfoliator to your face and rub smoothly for 5 minutes .
  4. Clean your face with warm water or normal water.
  5. Wipe your skin with dry towel smoothly all these are increase the beauty of face.


Exercise, running and yoga  regularly is very helps to glowing your skin , Blood circulation are very fast which is helps to cleansing of your entire body is working good. After doing exercise your skin is glowing. If you want glowing skin you must doing exercise everyday.

Take the proper care after exercise .at the time of exercise sweeting is occur which is increasing oily in your face .before exercise apply toner to reduce the oil production form your face. Then exfoliate the face and then apply some moisturizer to your face.

Good sleep   

Always try to sleep minimum 8 hour per day evey night.if you don’t  get enough sleep then your skin are tired like other body part . before going to the bed clean the face properly and dry with clean towel and applied some moisturizer. Don’t dry skin .

Face pack

Wash your face with three times per day with warm water. Gently massage face circular motion .Best face pack is applied to your face is multani mitti alternatively called fuller’s earth it works great. Many doctor are advice to use lotion which is contain benzoyl peroxide . applied lotion every part of face like upper head and nose is always omitting Bleach your skin 2-3 time in a week .

Some most common skin problem


redness in face
redness in face

Acne is the most common problem of the skin .acne is nothing it is over stimulate of skin’s pigment producing some cell , redness of skin .main cause is too much melanin .acne reduce the beauty of face.

Apply a mask of multani mitti with some rose water. Or you use aloevera softness of skin.

Dark circles

Dark circle are reduce the beauty of every people .Dark circles are also sign of illness of health and lack of also occours due to dehydration and some allergies. It is find mostly in the younger people who is not get proper rest or bad  food, or habbits like smoking and drinking .

Use the potatoes juice to remove the dark spot form your face.


Aging is the natural process it comes all the peoples life every day .when your age is increasing  your skin elasticity is loses, wrinkles in the face . beauty is gradually goes down .but some people are not affect aging they are glow much time.

Always trying to take good food. Take more vegetable for diet. Do yoga ,meditate and excise regularly.  

Some Home Made Face mask

Natural homemade face mask is best solution for glow your skin this beauty tips are very helpful to you.


Combination of honey on tea spoon and lemon juice and olive oil one table spoon are applied to face .
Honey best face pack
Honey face pack

Egg yolk are applied on the face and keep it for 20 minutes and then wash with water. It help to repair damage skin.

Before applying any mask to your skin wash your face with warm water or soft cloth dip into the warm water and keep it for 2-3 minutes. It help to open pores on face.


For the exfoliation of skin papaya juice is the best. It help to soft and fresh of your face . take ripe papaya and extract the juice form this and add 2 teaspoons of oatmeal and 1 teaspoon of ground sugar. Blend it thick paste .massage into your skin 3-5 minutes and wash it.

Cocoa butter

It helps to moisturize your face . melt two table spoon of cocoa butter and cooled it little more add one egg protein (separate form yolk) add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Applied it face for the better result. to make more beauty of face.

Best Natural Beauty tips for face

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