Curds are the milk product. The process we following to preparing curd are known as curdling. When we add some lemon juice or vinegar into the milk it become precipitate in to solid mask . this solid mask is nothing this is called curd. In the milk more amount milk protein are present called casein.

Curd benefits and use

as curdling. When we add some lemon juice or vinegar into the milk it become precipitate in to solid mask . this solid mask is nothing this is called curd. In the milk more amount milk protein are present called casein.

Same process are followed to prepare the cheese .after adding vinegar or lemon juice give some press to producing cheese. Depending upon the size we given to cheese (paneer).

How to prepare curd in home ?

Preparation of the curd is very easy. But some time we are not prepare the good curd due to improper handling or environmental factor.

Ingredient required-

  • One liter milk
  • Two spoons of curd
  • Well covered pot (casserole)

For better and tasty preparation use the cow milk one liter. Boil the milk upto 30-40°C then cool for some time the transfer the milk into casserole add the two spoons of curd then cover the casserole. After 6-8 Hours curd is ready.

Various company are use rennet for producing cheese . Rennet is chemical constituent which is containing the enzyme complex. This is mainly produce the stomach of ruminant mammal. It helps to separate milk into solid curd for prepare cheese.

Types Nutrition present in curd

Due to benefits to human health it use more amount over the world.

Below i give some nutritation are present in the curd of 100 gm.

In the 100 gm approx. 98 calories are found.

Same 100 gm 3.4 gm of carbohydrate are found.

4.3 gm of fats and 11 gm of protein are found .

364 mg of sodium and 104 mg of potassium are found.

It also contain other nutrients like calcium,magnesium, vitamin D, A and Vitamin B12 are presents .

What are the difference between curd and yogurt ?

Many people are thinks yogurt and curd are the same. Yes but there are some difference according to bacteria presents. Both of are prepare form the milk.

Main difference are yogurt are contain two type of bacteria e.i strains of bacteria lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus.

Curd are contain single bacteria which is broad class lactic acid bacteria.

Benefits of curd for human health

Curd acts good probiotics. Its has many health benefits for the human being.

It help to improve the imunity , strong the bone ,loss the weight ,glowing the skin.

Benefit of curd for digetion

Day today life people are suffer indigetion due to eating spicy food and not eating food in the proper time. For this people curd are helps to improve digetion procress to improving the acid level in the stomach.

When people are suffer dysentery  due to indigestion they can also eat for feeling relax .

Curd disk
Curd disk

This can helps to maintain PH level in the stomach.


Best example is when you order biryani form any resturant they can gives you curd with the biryani for avoiding any indigation problem.

Benefit of curd for strength of bone

As we above discuss it contain more amount calcium and phosphorus . these two constient are very help full to providing the strength to our bone.

Benefit of curd for weight loss

Yogurt contain calcium which is helps to restrict the cortisol secretion in the body.cortisol is hormone which is responsible for increase body weight. Around 500 gm of curd are gives enough amount of calcium to the body.

Benefit of curd for heart

It contain low cholesterol which is good for heart health.those people are heart problem they are must eat cord for smooth blood flow. Ultimately it helps to preventing the other heart problem. Also helps for normalized the high blood pressure.

Benefit of curd for improving immunity

It contain many types vitamin which is helps to improving improving our immunity power. It also contain living bacteria which are helps to improve the digestion in the body. Due to improving immunity power many other disease are not affected easily.

Benefit of curd for skin

This is contain zinc and vitamin E which is helps to our skin.ancient time curd are use for glowing also helps to removing dark spot form the face.

When you feel tired face ,you can applied curd mixed with fresh tomato juice rubbed to your face for two minutes and then clean the face with warm water . before apply clean the face with slight warm water. You can see immediate action like glowing and smooth ness of the skin.

Benefit of curd for hair

Those people are suffer hair problem like dandruff, dry hair,dull hair they can use curd for avoiding this type of problem. It contain lactic acid which is give the mineral and nutrient to hair to make shine and strong.

How to apply curd to hair ?

This is very easy to applied to hair but you try to add some other ingredient to hair for better result.

Mixed the 2-3 spoon of curd with some aloe vera juice and honey and lemon juice and prepare slurry. Smoothly applied to hair and kept for 2 hour and clean the hair.

Benefit of curd for Women

At the time of pregnancy people are alway try to eat good food which are give the proper amount of vitamin and mineral to her baby. Among all curd or yogurt are very good to give calcium to new born baby. So that new born baby bone are strong.

It also helps to maintain PH of vagina. So chances of infection in the vangina is less.