Benefits of Ginger Tea Winter Season

Ginger have many benefits but in winter it give some and different type benefit. So now discuss 7 different type of benefits of ginger in Winter.

Ginger rich in Vitamin A, D and E along with full of many nutrient so that ginger is good for health in winter season. Many people are like to start a day with Ginger tea. And many people are use in vegetable curry and non-veg curry as a species it helps to increase test of recipes. According to food analyst ginger gives heat to our body so you can feel some heat in winter season.

Ginger Benefits winter
Ginger Benefit in winter

Benefits of ginger for cold in Winter

Winter season many people are suffering with cold, cough and fever due to child environment and infection so people are take different medicine but they don’t work properly. So in this winter season morning time prepare drink with misri, ginger and Cinnamomum tamala to increase you Immunity power. In this way you take advantage of benefits of ginger in winter. If you have thought problems or cough this drink is more benefits for you. 

How to prepare a drink?

Take one cup of water add some misri and 4-5 piece of crush ginger and add 4-5 leaf of Cinnamomum Tamala boiled it for few minutes then filter it.

Benefits of Ginger for Weight loss in winter

Generally in winter season our body temperature is increase and we like to wear winter cloth so our digestion process is fast this is main reason in winter people are felling more hungry as compare to to other season. Due to this condition weight of our body is increase. To maintain the body weight ginger is very beneficial for us. Those people are realy want to reduce body weight at morning time drink red tea with mixed of ginger juice and see the result within one month.


Benefits of ginger for cough in winter

In the Winter session cough is very common because in day time you can’t cover your face and child air is directly affected to face and neck. This is the most common reason of infection thought. So to avoid this pain full condition take half spoon of ginger juice with honey two time per day after eating food get the better result.

Benefits of ginger for Kidney in winter

Kidney is one of our helps full organ in our body. In the day today life style we are eat unnecessary food which is harmful to our body but kidney filter this unnecessary waste. So to avoid kidney infection we drink ginger tea daily. It also helps to increase secretion gastric juice which is helps to increase the digestion of food. Ginger tea cure the headache and fell activeness.

Benefits of ginger for joint pain in winter

According to study aprox. 80% old people are suffering joint pain and in winter season it increase more sometime young age people are also suffer joint pain. Winter season morning and evening ginger tea or ginger juice mixed any drink helps to relief joint pain.

Ginger benefits to reduce the heart strock
Heart pain

Benefits of ginger for heart patient in winter

Ginger rich source antioxidant which is helps to strength to heart muscle. Ginger containing triglyceride reduce the cholesterol level in the body. It also helps to cure blood clotting problem. Ginger tea contains amino acid helps to increase to blood flow so heart attack or heart stock like disease are go away.

According nutrient researcher use ginger in tea and vegetable as spices and live a healthy life.  
Ginger Benefit for Health and some side effect