Capsicum Benefit for Health and Some Side Effect

Capsicum Benefit for Health and Some Side Effect

Amazing benefit of capsicum for human being


Capsicum is rich in vitamin C and it is other name know as beel  it is cultivated worldwide
and it is use many recipe for make tasty due to its spices in nature . now it is available in
the markets three different colour like green ,yellow , red. This vegetable are looking so
attractive due its colour intensity.capsicum also known as two other name Bell pepper and
shimla mirch.

Green Capsicum


Benefit for health

Benefit for eyes

Capsium is good source of vitamin A 100 gm of capsicum contain 420 mg of vitamin A .
after some leafy vegetable capsium contain more amount of vitamin c and it also contain
carotenoid which is maintaining the mucous of eyes . many doctor are say it helps to
improving the night vision those person are affected the night blindness.

For those people are suffer visual problem due to age they are must take in there day to
day life meals.

Use for scurvy

Capsicum contain more amount of vitamin C those patient are suffer scurvy and piroia they
are get more benefit by taking daily in there food.

For the hair protection

Many people are suffer the hair problem like hair thinning ,dandruff ,split ends, hair loss,
hair follicles protection in the day today life .capsicum can helps to providing strength and
shine to hair .Capsicum contain natural silicon and it helps to blood flow to hair follicle so
splitting of hair is less.
Some people are applying into hair directly to providing more silky to hair.

Use as anti-inflammatory

Capsicum has more anti inflammatory property so it can use many type of cream and
ointment in the pharmaceutical company for the better results . Capsicum is mainly use
for the crohn’s disease , inflammation in the bowels ,skin inflammation breast cancer,
kidney problem.

Helps in cancer

Capsicum is contains more amounts antioxidant which is helps to improve the defense
various type of cancer cells. Antioxidant are mainly neutralized the free radical present in
the human .free radical are responsible for the growth of cancer cell.

For the weight loss

Capsicum is contain very low amount of calories . 100 mg of capsicum contain 24 calories .
its natural sugar is gives instant energy to the body and also gives the full ness so people

are not feeling hungry frequently .so it helps to lose the weight loss for the high fat contain

For increase immunity

Capsicum is helps to increase the body immunity due to it contain more amount of vitamin c .
vitamin c is not store in the body so daily intake of some amount of vitamin c is helps to
maintaining the vitamin c level in the body .those people are suffering cold ,scurvy ,piorrea
they can eat for the complete cure of this disease .
And it also helps the patient those are suffer the disease like join and skin related problem.

Capsicum Recipe
Capsicum Recipe


For the blood pressure

It helps to maintain the blood pressure by daily intake of the capsium due to presence of
vitamin A and vitamin C .and also maintaining the cholesterol level in the body.

Benefit in the anxiety

Capsicum is contain the mixture of vitamin B6 and magnesium so it helps to decrease the
anxiety. when women are suffer the premenstrual anxiety.

Helps in iron deficiency disease

This vegetable are contain more amount of vitamin C , so vitamin C helps to increase the  
absorption of Iron form the food .so ultimately it helps to the patient those are suffer the
anemia .

Helps in the cancer

Capsicum is mainly contain the capsaicin chemically known as methyl-n-vanillyl nonenamide . this chemical is very unpleasant test, in the fresh vegetable contain more amount of the capsaicin so insect are not affecting this vegetable .
Capsaicin hold the seed inner part of the capsicum it helps to lower the cholesterol level
in the human being and it also helps to kill the cancer causing bacteria in the human body.

It also helps to function of muscle because of it contain high amount of calcium and

It also helps in cleaning of the mucous membrane when you suffer the cold.

Some risk

High amount of consumption in the single day is very harmful to body because kidney
can’t filter the more amount of vitamin C .
Those people are taking Beta blockers for the heart problem they can’t take this food
because it contains more amount of potassium . beta blocker are also increase the
potassium level in the body .

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