Day Start with a CUP OF COFFEE

One Perfect cup of coffee in the morning time is known as energy drinks. It contain the caffeine which is stimulate our brain CNS system and helps to active in the day time.

Day start with cup of coffee
Morning coffee

As compared with tea it contain 108 mg of caffeine , which is 4-5 times more than tea. One study said 500 billion cups of coffee are drink people every year. It is one of the favorite drink for the people. All over the world this drinks are come second position after water as drinking beverage.

This crop is harvesting after the fifteenth century and now it reaches the world’s second largest trade market and its business is reaches 10 billion dollar over the world. Chemical name is 1,3,7 trimethyl xanthine.

Coffee Health Benefit

Conjugation of the drinks are momentous decrease the chronic disease like Parkinson’s ,Diabetes mellitus , Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease , Cardiovascular disease.

Coffee Benefits for cardiovascular disease

There are the various extrinsic and Intrinsic factors are responsible for the cardiovascular disease. A slightly modification in the diet plan can helps to improving the health benefit.

Due to antioxidant property this can helps to lowering the risk of coronary heart disease.

In the 2006 on the study conducted by Bidel et al. those people are take coffee on the daily basis they are the less chance of coronary heart disease .

In the year 2008 Lopez-Garcia et al. Give the suggestion according to the study it can helps to protect the endothelial dysfunction.

There are other petrochemical like chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid are also antioxidant in nature which is helps to slowing down process to fight against the various free radical present in the body.

Benefit for Diabetes mellitus

Caffeine helps to metabolism of glucose because of it enhance the Insulin sensitivity. It also helps to reducing the storage capacity of glucose.

Not only caffeine helps all the other phytochemical like chlorogenic acid , Quinides, Quinic acid and Trigonelline are also acting same mechanism to reduce glucose glucose storage capacity in the body.

its active ingredient are helps to stimulating some enzyme that results glucose are easily metabolism by the helps of Insulin.

Benefit for Parkinsonism

Parkinson’s disease are occurring in the brain due to inactivation of motor neuron.

There are many way to treat the disease like use of Nonsteroidal anti inflammatory and smoking cigarette but health hazards we can’t use this to treat parkinson’s disease.

Caffeine is also helps to treat the parkinsonism disease . coffee has the antioxidant property which is helps to defense the mechanism of the immune system by inducing the MRNA and enzyme affected by free radical.

Caffeine and other active constituent are directly block the adenosine receptor and Indirectly block the neurotransmitter receptor. It also stimulate the Nef2-ARE pathway results increase endogenous defense mechanism in the brain . over all the effect of caffeine are helps to improve the parkinson’s disease.

Benefits for Alzheimer disease

Alzheimer disease is also brain disorder.

A study said higher intake of caffeine can reduce the risk the risk of alzheimer’s disease. Brain disorder are associated with tissue damage characterized with loss of neuron in the brain tissue.

Trigonelline which is present in the coffee beans can helps to regeneration of dendrites and axons as results the improvement of memory and neurons can helps to treat the alzheimer’s disease.

The mechanism of caffeine is decrease Abeta production so results reduce expression of presenilin 1 (PS1) and beta secretase (BACF) .These enzyme play an important role to opening of new chanel for the alzheimer’s disease.

Risk of excessive take

More consumption reduce the efficacy of cardioprotective medicine like atorvastatin.

It also increase the blood pressure by increase the LDL and HDL level in the body. HDL have no effect to blood pressure but LDL helps to increase the blood pressure in the body.

Drinking too much per day show the unpleasant effect like anxiety disorder. Pregnant women are must try to avoid to drink for the better like of baby.

Coffee in the life style

Nowadays people are change their lifestyle . in the morning people are love to take cup of coffee with newspaper around the coffee table . In the market various type of coffee table are available which is increase the beauty of the home .

There are many company are prepare the coffee machine to prepare instant coffee for the people. My choice is ninja coffee machine.

Roasted coffee taste and smells are very good. There are many registered trademark company prepare the blend form the originally coffee.

General cultivation procress

People are loving to drink the coffee in the morning time or when they feels inactive Before we know more about this first we discuss about beans.

This plants are live upto 100 years and between the total life 7 to 20 year age having more production of the fruits and average plants hight are 9 meters.

 Plants are always covers with the green leaf which is somewhat waxy in nature.

Coffee fruits are grown in the branches and and cycle process . if see this plant you found both ripe fruits and unripe fruits and also flowers in the same plant.


One fruits are takes almost 1 year to mature. According to study one average plants are produce 10 pound /4.6 kg of coffee per year.

Classification according to the verity

This plants having many species around 6000 among them two species are Coffea Canephora (Rousta) and Coffea arabica.commercially cultivating for gaining more profit.

Genus of the plant are Coffea.

Coffea Arabica

This variety are produce high quality beans with aromatic smell. Over the world 70% of the production are this verity .

Raw coffee beans
Coffee beans

Plants are grown 610 to 1830 meter above the sea level.Beans are elongated and flatter than the other verity . Arabica selling high price over the world .

The plants self pollinating so seeds are uniform. growing of the plants mild temperature required e.i 15°C – 24°C and rainfall is about 60 inches per year.

Plant are very costly to cultivating because this plants are grown well in terrain space. height of the plant more and disease affect possibility is more. so farmer are take more care during the cultivation.

Coffea Canephora

As compare to arebica , Robusta contain 50-60% more caffeine. For that reason many people are love to take this coffee at the morning time.

Over the world 30 % of the market is capture this verity . Beans are small and round shape. Mostly this variety are available in the market as powder and blend form.

For the cultivation of this plants are more profitable due to more resistance towards the fungus ,bacteria and parasites. this plants are well grow temperature between 23-26°C and lower altitude also suitable for the growing of the plants.

Leaves are yellow to dark green and berries are contain two seeds some of the contain single seeds. Baries take 5-6 month time to ripen.

Where coffee comes from ?

There are the 50 countries are cultivating the coffee over the world .

Bellow i given some country where the cultivation are more.

North AmericaThe arabian peninsulaGabonThailandRwanda
Central AmericaAsiaGuineaTimor-LesteLiberia
East americaIndiaUgandaVenezuelaBolivia
South AmericaJamaicaTogoZambiaChina
East AfricaperuHaitiZimbabweCameroon
West africaPhilippinesTanzaniaSierra LeoneCuba

Climate for the plant is mild temperate, shaded sun , mild rain and sandy soil.

Taste of coffee are vary depending on the climate

Hawai, Mexico and Puerto Rico

In the United state Kona coffee are found in the Hawaiian Island . Over the world this has more demand due to rich delicious.

In the hawaii Island Volcanic soil are found which is gives the nutrient to the plants .

This Island have the natural canopy which is protect the trees form the high sunlight.

Natural Rain are give the water to growing the plants .

Kona coffee are carefully Process to makes more tasty and flavour.

Mexico is famous for the production of coffee over the world . This comes in the 1st position over the world basis of production.

There are the 100000 farms are present .it also famous for the wonderful aroma ,depth flavour. Better growth of the plant is due to high altitude region.

Puerto Rico is also famous for the coffee beans production . Arabica Varieties are cultivated in this Island . This varieties have well fruity aroma.

Guatemala and Costa Rica

Both the region are present in the Central America and Both are famous for the Coffee Production .

Roasted coffee
Roasted coffee

Guatemala is famous for the Flavour. There are rugged landscape and rich in volcanic soil and high altitude in some reason like Antigua,coban and Huehuetenango. Due to this reason more tasty provides to the fruits and in this coffee are spicy and chocolatey test.

Costa Rica are Process the benes fruits by wet-Process method . After collecting the fruits Immediately send to beneficios where wet processing are stars . Costa Rica are producing the fine coffee beans.

Colombia and Brazil

Colombia world’s second largest coffee production in country. The Raw fruits are transport many company to purify and make eatable .

Black Rifle Coffee company Import raw fruits form the colombia and Brazil. Colombia having many small farms are present and more than hundred of people are working to produce the high quality of fruits with well balanced acidity.

Colombia climate and rugged landscape are responsible for the better growth of the plants.

Brazil is also producing more amounts fruits in the worlds and More than hundred people are engage to producing the high quality of fruits production. Arabica and Robusta both type of coffee are Grown in this area.


In the India this plants are grown in the state likes Karnataka (71%), Kerala (21%), and Tamil nadu (5%) cultivated.

India export beans for fulfil the requirement for the people .Arabica and Robusta both the verity are cultivated in the India.

In the south India this plants are grown in the monsoon rainfall so name kept ‘Indian Monsooned coffee’.