Cold Symptoms || Home Remedies for Cold Symptoms

Cold Symptoms || Home Remedies for Cold Symptoms

Home Remedies for Cold Symptoms , Natural treatment

 for cold 

Cold is not a disease it only symptoms which is produced by the attacking of bacteria and virus. And there are no treatment for the cold . When virus or other microorganism enters in to human cell sign and symptoms of cold are shown less than two days if your immune systems are working properly . some people are recover in 7 to 10 days . some critical case people are suffer 21 days those people are low immune power or people are affected by pneumonia.
cold symptoms
cold symptoms


Some common symptoms are shown in the cold remedies like coughing , sore throat, runny nose, sneezing , headache and mild fever. When people are suffer in cold it is very pain full , feeling uncomphort due to headache. Some time test of mouth is gone. Redness of eye is shown on some patient. Many doctor are said a normal adults are affect cold 2-3 times per year and children are affected 6- 8 times per year.

Cold is mainly affected in the winter and rainy season.


Cold is responsible for 200 virus among all the virus Rhinoviruses .this virus pro life temperature 32°C to 35°C . which is our nose temperature . so virus attacking our nose for infection.this virus is replicate in the temperature 32°C. in the winter season is best time for Virus attacking. This virus is transmit person to person contact easily .


There are many way to treat the cold easily in the home .

1 In cold your body dehydrate more so take more fluid like normal water. Warm water is very help to cure soon and it gives you more relax. You also prefer teas, gingerale, and vegetable soup and chicken soup . it gives more benift .
chicken soup for cold
chicken soup for cold

2 cold is mainly affect when your body immune system are down .so eat vitamin c rich food and vegetable . Drink lemon water which is very helpful to you. Amal is very effective because it contain rich amount of vitamin C .

3 In the cold your nose are stuffy due to filled up with fluid . so best way of treatment of stuffy nose is take stream which is open your nose and you feel relax.

due to cold your throat is full of sour and cough so throat infection is very rare . gargle warm salt water which is cure your throat give more effective result.

4 in the cold body temperature are below the 37°C . SO you take some mustard oil heat it and add some crush garlic in it and cool about 40°C and massage in the Pam and lower foot at sleeping time you feel relax .

5 Honey is the best use of antimicrobial as well as antibacterial activity .take honey with tulsi leave which is give better result for cure of cold remedies . it is also increase your immune power.

6 Zinc is best treatment for cold . zinc reduce the duration of symptoms by decrease the growth of microorganism. Treatment of zinc for the cold is very effective.

Take 15-30 mg of zinc in the lozenges per day.

7 Ginger have good medicinal property . it use for treatment of cold many years a go now it is scientifically prove for the treatment for cold symptoms. Take pice of ginger with boil water and it help soothe a cough and soure throat.
ginger for cold treatment
ginger for cold treatment

 Garlic is very importance of cold symptom . garlic have the antimicrobial property .it contain allicin . add garlic in your food toreduce the cold symptoms.

It also help to improve the test of food .

8 Echinacea plant is very help to improve the immune system and also help to reduce inflammation . Echinacea is contain flavonoids and other chemical constitute which is very help full to your body . by taking this 50 percent chance are reduce the common cold.

It can take as tea three time a day is very help full to you.

9 Humidity is very effective factor for growth of influenza virus .in dry envirment Influenza virus are spread more rapidly. When you room are more humidity there may be the chances to attack of virus and you suffer cold .

You may use humidifiers to prevent the growth of microorganism and safe your family form the deasease .

Some bacteria are helps to increase the immune system of your body . which mainly present in CORD.

10 when you suffer in the cold you must take care yourself . you must avoid the bath in the cold water . to reduce the cold symptoms add to water Epsom salt and backing soda to reduce body aches and you madd some essential oil to get soothing effect.

11 There are some other OTC medicine are present which is use for the treatment . NSAIDS is the common medicine use for the treatment for the use to reduce the cold symptoms.

Best way you treatment your cold symptoms

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