Cold Weather Meals For Good Life

Cold Weather Meals Now over the World, the weather is very cold. Old age people are suffering this season. Young age groups and children are suffering from many diseases like cold, fever, joint pain. According to the rescresch to give warm to health you have to eat some specific food so you must be followed some diet plan prepared by the scientist. 

Diet Plan 1 For Cold Weather

Young age group and old age group people are taking brown rice in daily as a cold-weather meal and in this cold weather, season take some garlic in the morning for the reliving many problem in this cold season.

Diet Plan 2 For Cold Weather

When you taking meal you must try to take some onion because in the cold season you body must be dried so onion moisturized your skin so your skin glowing in Winter session. Ditercian are giving the statement onion and garlic contain a good amount of alisin which helps to blood circulation in our body and maintain the body temperature.

Food option For cold Weather
Coffee for cold seasion

Diet plan 3 For Cold Weather

According to Delhi Food scientist Kabita Devgan, you must eat some leafy Vegetables in your meal because it helps to maintain body temperature. In the winter seasion many types of leafy vegetables are available.


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Diet Plan 4 For Cold Weather

People are very like to drink tea and coffee in this winter session. You use honey in the tea or coffee instead of sugar because of honey have the many medicinal values like an antioxidant which is help to Lowering the blood pressure and glowing in the winter seasion.

Diet Plan 5 For Cold Weather

Take some lightweight dinner for easily digested. Take some shoop and use more amount of ginger, gralic and onion. You get plenty of antioxidant from this vegetable.

Diet Plan 6 For Cold Weather

Before going to bed you take one glass of milk with one spoon of turmeric. So that you get good sleep in this cold season. If you don’t like to eat turmeric you use some nutrition like Horlicks and Bournvita its relay good for the health.

Diet Plan 7

Eat some Boiled egg in breakfast which is gives heat to the body in the winter season and eats some meat or chicken in the lunchtime which helps protein balance in your body.