Double Marker Test –Meaning, price and Benefits

Pregency is most important time period for women, at this time many different type of test are perform to save mother life and her baby  and also give the better life to her baby. At this time doctor are advices many different type of test,  Along many different test Double marker test or Dual marker test is one of them. Women are more panic when they don’t know about this test.

What is double marker test?

Double marker test is one type of blood test which you can find out the possibility of disease like Down’s syndrome, Edward’s syndrome and it also helps to identify any genetical abnormality of baby at time of pregenacy.In this test you can know baby growth related problem in the future.

In this test most importantly 2 parameter check

  1. PAPP-A ((Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein – A)
  2. β – hcG (Free Beta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)

What is PAPP-A?

It is a plasma protein which is secretes from the placenta at time of pregency and it’s level gradually increase in pregnancy period. This plasma protein helps local proliferative processes like wound healing and bone remodeling.

Double marker test lab
Double marker test lab

What is β – hcG?

Free Beta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin IS also secretes from the placenta and it’s level increase initial 8-10 weeks then 10-18 weeks this hormone level decline. Rest of the time it’s level is contant. This hormone helps to well growth of baby.

What type of pregnant women are doing this dual marker test?

This test is advice those pregnant women who are

  • if parent family history of any birth defect.
  • Those women is avobe 35 year old or more than 35 year old.
  • If pregnant women use any medicine which is harm full for fetus.
  • Pregnant women are type-I diabetics which is insulin depended.
  • If women are suffer any viral fever at the time of pregnancy.
  •  If pregnant women is doing X-ray at the time of pregancy.

What is time to performe dual marker test?

Double marker test is performed in between 10-13 weeks of pregnancy. If the patient fail to ding this test at this period of time then Tripple screening test must be performed.

How Is This Test Performed?

This test is perform by taking blood sample. There are no need to fasting condition, you can eat any food before giving blood sample. This test is performed at any time period.

What does the test detect?

Double marker test is helps to identify chromosomal abnormality risk of baby.  like Down’s syndrome (Trisomy 21), Patau syndrome (Trisomy 13), Edwards syndrome (Trisomy 18).

This test cann’t conform the baby is affected these disease. It only helps to identify the risk of affected these disease.

What is Trisomy 21 (Down’s syndrome)?

At the time of intercourse there are 23 chromosome pair are transfer in to female. But in the down’s syndrome one more extra chromosome number 21 are found. Instead 2 no’s it is 3 no’s. due to this abnormality new born baby can causes different disease, organ related problem like heart, kidney and GI Systems and mental problems.


What are Patau syndrome and Edwards syndrome?

Patau syndrome other wise known as Trisomy 13 and Edwards syndrome other wise known as Trisomy 18. These two syndrome are combined. These are more dangerous than Down’s syndrome. Baby have the chances of death in few month after birth. Many baby have the birth defects due to disease.

Double marker test for pregnant women
Double marker test for pregnant women

What Is the Cost of the Test?

Cost of double marker Test is vary between hospital to hospital and City to city. Normal Cost of this test is 1000 to 1500 rupees. But some medical charges 5000 rupees for this test.

What is the Normal Value of Dual Marker Test?

Double marker test normal value for β – hcG in pregnant women is 25700 – 288000 mlU/ ml. Dual marker test normal value for PAPP-A is 1 MOM for all normal pregnant women.

Dual marker test Result Interpretation

When you get the test result from lab you check level of PAPP-A and β – hcG. Risk is calculated by the software and age of mother and pregnant time is directly perceptional to it’s result so at the time of test give exact age of mother and pregancy time to get the proper result.

Incase of Down syndrome PAPP-A value increase and β – hcG level decrease. But in Patau syndrome and Edwards syndrome Both β – hcG and PAPP-A value descrese.

You can know other genetically abnormality from this test. Like when PAPP-A value decrease gradually there are chance of premature labor, death of baby, low birth weight and hypertension may occours.

What to do if results show High risk?

If you found the result from double marker test is High Risk then perform the test like NT Scan at the time of 12- 13 weeks. Both the result of Dual marker test and NT Scan result you get more accuracy of Risk.

What is NT Scan?

NT Scan is screening test to know the clear tissue size (nuchal translucency) present in back side of neck. When it’s size increase there are the chances of Down syndrome.

What are the advantages of Dual marker test?

Many Year before technology not develops so many children are death after some time of birth and some baby are abnormality they live there life as uncommon and parents are accepting this baby  which is more painful.  Dual marker test is helps to known is there any abnormality of baby before birth. Most importantly you can know it from early stage so you have many option to correct this.

For a mother her baby is wealth, This test is take some money but for your baby healthy like money have no value. To this test proper time to give good life to your baby.

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