Garlic Benefit for Human Health and Some Side Effect

Garlic Benefit for Human Health and Some Side Effect

How Garlic Benefit for the Human Health ?

Garlic botanical name is Allium sativum this is same like onion. Onion plant and
garlic plant are looking similar.people are love to eat the flower of the plant.
Garlic is cultivate in the world wide.
It is use in the many recipe like vegetable or non veg , But it all most use in the
nonveg as compared to increase the test of receipt . in daily life no such
day gone those day i not eat the garlic . it has more benefit for the health.
Garlic Benefit for human
China cultivate garlic more in the world wide .about 21.2 tone of garlic per year
80% of the total turn over is china produce.then India is the second position for
the production of garlic .

Garlic benefit for the common cold

Garlic has the high antimicrobial and antiviral activity . Form the ancient time
people are believe that garlic cure the cold symptoms if you take daily . this
thought for the garlic it can cure the cold symptoms rapidly .


When you suffer the one best treatment for the cold throat garlic is before you
going to sleep take small amount of mustard oil in small pot and added two three
cube of garlic which is slightly crush eat some time ,then cold it aprox 40°C and
musach it in your lower pam and lower foot believe it gives more relax to cold and helps in sweet sleep .
If you continuously suffer the cold then you must try to eat the tow clove of garlic
for getting more benefit to the cold.


Some study conducted for the knowing  benefit of garlic for the cold , out of five
in one study 146 participant are taking daily garlic for the showing the benefit of
garlic , after six month it was observe that fewer people are suffer the cold but
the duration of cold is 5-6 days.

Garlic benefit for the cancer

Garlic is rich source of the Organosulfide like compound . According to
epidemiological and laboratory study it was found that sulfide can suppress
the tumor cells activity and cancer cell activity. Which is also affecting CYP
enzase and also enhancing the activity GSH which is a thiol . thiol is major
intracellular antioxidant and helps to providing the protection against the
hydroperoxide and free radicals.
Raw Garlic benefit
Garlic Benefit


Garlic benefit for lowering the blood pressure

Now a day heart attack and heart stock is affecting many people , heart attack or
stock is occur due to increase of blood pressure.
Garlic has benefit for lowing the blood pressure .One study say those people are
taking two to four clove of garlic helps to maintain the blood pressure . old age
people are must try to take clove for the maintaining the blood pressure.
Those people have the blood pressure problem and they are taking the medicine
like atenolol , garlic helps to increase the effectiveness of atenolol medicine
according to the publication in the journal of nutrition.

Garlic benefit for the cholesterol level

Garlic oil is good for the health because it contain more amount of HDL
(High density lipoprotein) cholesterol which is beneficial for the health.


Garlic helps to reduce the LDL(low density lipoprotein) cholesterol which is bad
for the health. Because LDL cholesterol are floating in the blood and blood the
blood vessel so increase the blood pressure.  
Those people are suffering High cholesterol they can must take raw garlic for
the daily basic to maintain the cholesterol level.

Garlic benefit for the antioxidant

It has the strong odour so it can use for the many recipes to make more test
and give good aroma to recipes.
It contain allicin so it know as strong antioxidant .due its antioxidant property it
helps to slow to aging process in the  day to day life but exact working of allicin
in the body are not known. it fit against the free radical to lowering the risk factor
in the day to day life .
Due garlic anti ageing process it may helps to alzheimer disease.

Garlic benefit for men

AS per ancient greek physician Hippocrate said garlic benefit for increasing
the performance in the men . so in the ancient time athletic and worker are
use so much for there food. It maintain the body heat and activeness in case
of the men but it in case of women it effect is not known.
It also helps in increase the sex drive and reduce the risk of prostate cancer in
the men.

Garlic benefit for the detoxification

Health benefit of garlic is amazing according to published in the journal . it
contain high amount of sulfur which is helps to eliminating the toxic content
and heavy metal form the body.
Those people are working in the mince area or the factory where the use of
heavy metal is more they can take garlic in the daily basic for avoiding the

Garlic benefit for diabetic

It helps to lowering the blood sugar level which has more health benefit for the
diabetic patients. Those patient are suffer type 1 or type 2 diabetics they can
take two to three cloves of raw garlic for maintaining the blood sugar level in
the body.
Garlic also showing the anti inflammatory property due to it containing vitamin C
and Vitamin B6 .

Garlic Risk Factor

Every natural constituent have more health benefit as well as the side effect
when take it more amount or use as wrong way.
When you eat garlic from the mouth its taste is unpleasant and show the
burning sensation in the mouth.

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