Nowadays there are many diseases are come into human life and many people are died by affected by this disease. For example, COVID 19 is suddenly coming to our life and killed many people. According to doctor, those people are strong immunity power they do not die in Coronavirus. Not only Corona there are the many different virus and bacteria are not affected those people those have strong Immunity power So today we know one magical plant which helps to boost your Immunity power within one month. This magical plant name is Guduchi. In this article we know some important giloy Benefits.

What is Guduchi?

Guduchi is a herbal plant that is mostly found in Srilanka and India. People know this plant in different names like  Giloy in Hindi and Marathi and  Amrita in Sanskrit. The botanical name of Guduchi is Tinospora cordifolia. It is a medicinal herb which helps to boost immunity power. If you read this article then we understand you know the importance of immunity.

You must know the story of God and atheism. When god and atheism have churned the ocean that time Amrit are come out which helps immortal, Here Giloy’s name in Sanskrit is Amrit, which means it helps to immortal human life if you take it daily life.

Guduchi contains many micronutrients and macronutrients, for example, Zinc, magnesium, copper, phosphorous, iron and calcium etc. There is no specific part which contains these type of micronutrients whole body of Guduchi like Root, stem and leaves are contains these nutrients.

Giloy Benefits
Giloy Benefits

Guduchi boost Immunity power

Giloy have a good source of anti-oxidant, antioxidant helps our body to fight free radical so that our cell is healthy and young and always ready to fight with bacteria and virus.

Giloy Benefits also help to purify the blood and remove the toxin material from the body so that we stay safe from any type of skin disease.

Guduchi for Dengue disease

Dengue is a very serious disease which is spread when Aedes mosquito bite. In the dengue disease Blood platelet count gradually decrease so that hemorrhage, Internal bleeding, and lower blood pressure.

Giloy has anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic property due to that property of giloy, it is very useful for the treatment of dengue. Simultaneously it helps to increase the WBC (white blood cell) count. This health benefits of giloy is blessing to world.

Guduchi helps to cure many other diseases like Malaria, Liver cirrhosis, hepatitis B, ITP, and many other diseases.

Helps to increase Appetite

Many Children are not like to eat food due they don’t feels hungry, But Guduchi helps to increase the natural hungry by increasing the secretion of gastric juice in the children so that children feel frequently hungry. If you face this problem same problem then give the juice to children to overcome this problem.

If children are not like to take these giloy juice then we have some alternative to Increase the appetite.  

Natural Appetite Stimulant for Humans

Good anti-oxidant property

According to a study by applied pharmaceutical science, there is very dangerous free radicle are present like superoxide, hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl, and nitric oxide groups are present which are more trusty for oxygen. In the human body 10000 oxidative hits per second by these free radicles. In this process cell protein, lipid and carbohydrate are affected. This is most common cause of different diseases like diabetes, liver damage, nephrotoxicity, inflammation, cancer, cardiovascular disorders, neurological disorder, and aging of the cell.

Guduchi plant is a good source of vitamin C and vitamin E, carotenoids, flavonoids, and tannins etc. These help to protect from the formation of excessive free radicle in the human body. in this way giloy benefits for common disease.

Good Antimicrobial Property

One pharmacology research team of IIMT College of Medical Science Meerut, India has published an article in 2013. according to this article, Giloy have enough capability to kill the five different bacteria and fungus which are responsible for creating different disease in the human body.


Such as Serratia marcescens is a gram-negative bacteria which create disease like urinary tract infection and ocular lens infection, Giloy has the capability to kill Serratia marcescens bacteria.

Most of the time diarrhea and pneumonia-like disease cause is E. coli bacteria, Giloy extract kill the bacteria and cure diarrhea and pneumonia-like a disease.

Giloy also kills some other bacteria and fungus-like Streptococcus thermophilus, Fusarium exosporium, Aspergillus niger. which are causes different diseases.

In this way giloy benefits to protect human being to kill different microbe and fungus.

Good for Asthma Disease

According to the central Disease Control Board, about 25 million American people are suffering in asthma among them 50% are children. Asthma is a very dangerous disease, in this disease children facing difficulty to take breath and chest fill with air, shortness of breath. There are different types of the inhaler are available in the market which helps to relieve the pain of asthma but it doesn’t cure asthma permanently. When cold season is started asthma suffers many people.

Giloy is power full natural medicine for asthma. If children are taking this giloy juice or paste daily then it helps to cure asthma permanently and no need to keep asthma inhaler always in you bag.

How to take guduchi?

Giloy is a very popular medicinal herb and it is easily serviced at any climate. If you have no place to grow this plant then you can use flower pot and keep it outside the room. This plant is not dead easy until unless you cut it into small pieces.

Prepare giloy Juice

Take 5-10 gm of steam and make a paste by mortal and pastel. Take one glass of water and mixed the paste with water and boiled it till one glass water turn half glass, then keep it for the next day morning. When you wake up in the morning drink some hot water and then take this juice. It helps to increase immunity power.

Some precautions must be taken:

Don’t use a mixer to make paste because hand crusher is the best way to keep medicinal value but in the mechanical mixture all the medicinal value is easy to degrade.

Prepare the Giloy paste

Take 4-5 inches of giloy stem, small pieces of ginger, some small pieces raw turmeric and add some amount of honey. Cush it into mortal and pastel, make a fine paste, and add some black piper powder and keep it for next day. Before taking food take one spoon of paste. It helps you to boost immunity power.

There are much company prepares the giloy tablet and juice, which is easy to use but you can’t find the good amount of medicinal property, at the time of preparation tablet and juice it loose the medicinal value.

One more cause is all types of tablets and juice are contain preservative and binder and sweetening agent which degrade the medicinal value of giloy. So always try to use natural medicine to get maximum medicinal value.

Is these any Side effects of giloy?

Normally, people psychology is every medication have some side effect, we agreed in this statement but it is totally natural herb and if you use as from of juice and paste then it have no side effect. To date, there is no proof of any side effects. so overall giloy Benefits to our boost of immunity.