Ginger Benefit for Health and some side effect

Ginger Benefit for Health and some side effect

How Ginger benefit for the health


Ginger is root or rhizome of plant of the family zingiber officinale this plant root
is mostly use for the cooking in the day to day life . it comes from china , in the
ancient time this plant is found in the forest but know a day cultivation is
started very rapidly .India , china and southern asia these country are
cultivation of ginger is more.among them India is highest production of
ginger in over the world and use of ginger is high in the India.
Raw Ginger benefit for health


Ginger benefit in digestive problem

Ginger containing more amount of phenolic compound like Gingerenone A ,
Zingerone, shogoals , paradol, Gingerol which helps to improve cure the
Gastrointestinal tract irritation ,saliva secretion , bile secretion and also helps
in GI contraction so food are easily movement.
Some study say if the person is taking ginger powred about 1.2 gm before
the food then he feels emptiness of stomach. It also helps to movement of
food and fluid in the GI tract.
Ginger benefit for the Gastrointestinal tract is much more. It stimulate
secretion of bile acid ,bile acid is helps to metabolism of highly fat containing food .

Ginger benefit for nausea

Ginger is very effective against the nausea symptoms by affecting various stage
In pregnant women are cure the nausea by consuming the raw ginger. it have no
side effect to baby so this is best way to avoiding the nausea in the case of
pregnant women (morning sickness) patient is suffer in the peptic ulcer , after
taking food vomiting occur so they are must take ginger for avoiding the nausea .
Those surgery patient are also take to avoiding the nausea .

Ginger benefit for relieve pain

Those people are affecting the cold or fever they are suffer more pain the
body those patients are take raw ginger or ginger tea for the health benefit.
Some study say daily hard working people are taking ginger in the food they
are feels less pain as compared to not not eating people.
When women are suffer pain during the menstrual cycle they must take the
ginger tea to get relieve the pain .

Ginger juice  for Health
Ginger juice


Ginger benefit for throat infection

When people are suffer the throat infection and pain in throat they can take a
piece of ginger for the improvement and cure the infection of throat.
Scientifically proof that inhale vapour the two drop of ginger oil adding in
boil water to get more relieve the pain in the throat.

Ginger benefit for inflammation

Ginger benefit for the cancer is amazing due its containing phenolic compound .
it act as anti-inflammatory activity same like COX-2 Inhibitor.
Many study says it very beneficial for the osteoarthritis patients if the people
are taking daily one spoon of ginger powder then there are less chance of
suffer in atheratis .
Those people are already suffer in atheratis if they take one spoon of ginger
powder there pain can be reduce .combination of other natural things like
mastic and cinnamon are also give the better result.

Ginger Benefit for diabetics

Ginger benefit for the diabetic patient to reducing the cholesterol level in the body.
It also improve the blood clotting and lowering the blood sugar level in the body .
many research are proven that ginger benefit for diabetic and heart patients.
It has not containing the sugar .

Ginger benefit for Brain

It contains lots of vitamin among them Vitamin B6 is one of the most important
constituent found in the ginger .vitamin B6 is helps to improvement of brain
and nervous system.

Antioxidant property of ginger

Ginger has high polyphenol content it also neutralizing the DPPH
(2,2-diphenyl-1-picylhydrazyl) which is group of free radical this way it use for
fat oxidation.
Ginger show the antioxidant activity as like BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene)
in the inhibiting the lipid peroxidation in the temperature 37°C and higher
upto 80°C . it also inhibiting the hydroxyl radicals .


As we know all the natural thing having more benefit for the health But if we
take more as compared to our requirement it may show some type of side effect .
in the ginger case may show Worsen symptoms of acid reflux, Irritation of
mouth and diarrhea are happens .
Doctor are advice for the normal people Don’t take above 4 gm of ginger per
day and during pregnancy 1 gm per day may show some type of side effect.
It may show side effect with aspirin and those patients are suffer diabetes
and blood clotting they can take as per the doctor advice for avoiding side effects.

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