Health Benefits of Lettuce you Better Know

Lettuce has long been considered as “the perfect weight loss food” and “rabbit food,” however, it’s not the end of the story as it can offers lots of other health benefits. The vegetable aka spice is rich in calories comprised of 20 percent protein can also gets another name as “gorilla food” as well.

It is the best if we can uncover all the benefits and history of this amazing in order to make the most of it.

If you want to get the best out of this ingredient, you can go for romaine lettuce instead of iceberg one. This type of lettuce has been known to be packed with highest nutritional values in the lettuce category.

Following are some more health benefits of lettuce you better know in order to make the most of it.

Iceberg lettuce

Iceberg lettuce is the crunchy, pale vegetable you’ll often find added to your fast-food burger or diner salad when you eat out. It has a neutral taste and refreshing crunch, making it a favorite among children who won’t eat other kinds of lettuce. As compare to other vegitable this is  not as rich in nutrition as many other greens, but it does provide some benefits

Lettuce Infographic

1.     Induces Sleep – Health Benefits of Lettuce

One of the main traditional uses of lettuce all over the world is to use it as a sleep inducer. They have uncovered that the extracts of lettuce might lead to the isolation of a depressant chemical. This chemical has showed wonderful sedative effects. Thanks to this, it would help to decrease the heart rate and ventricular contractions in the mean time. The trick with this property is that it can give a helping hand in blocking the excitatory signal processes of muscular and neural tissues.

2.   Controls Anxiety – Health Benefits of Lettuce

It is the high amount of neurological  properties present in lettuce that made it efficient ingredient during ancient times and the Middle Ages. They can widely find the properties in medical treaties namely the Unani system. It is the fact that lettuce possesses anxiolytic properties so that it can make the locomotive activity in animal was reduced once it got into their body.

Therefore, if you are worry about any problem, it is the best that you can drink a cup of lettuce juice in order to calm yourself.

3.   Antimicrobial Properties – Health Benefits of Lettuce

Lettuce has high concentration of antimicrobial properties. There is a number of other yeasts that have been alleviated when it comes to getting contact with the latex from lettuce. Therefore, biochemicals  present in the juice is found to packed with antimicrobial properties and work wonders in your digestive system as well as your health optimum.

4.   Protects Skin – Health Benefits of Lettuce


It is the combination of vitamin E  and vitamin C in this vegetable that is the main factor keeping your skin healthy as you’ve always wanted. Vitamin E works the best to offer extra protection against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays as well as lower the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.

The vitamin A in lettuce revitalizes the skin, and this increases cell turnover. The potassium in lettuce improves circulation, thereby supplying oxygen and other nutrients to the skin. And the vitamin C in the green veggie can protect the skin from UV radiation. It also delays the signs of aging. The fiber in lettuce is also good to detox your system, and this naturally translates to glowing skin.

5.    Removes Toxins – Health Benefits of Lettuce

Regular intake of lettuce works the best to foster the appetite as well as to remove toxins from the body. Furthermore, it can compensate for the deficiency of hemoglobin and mineral salts. As a result, you might find clear and radiant skin more than ever.

6.   Prevents Hair Fall – Health Benefits of Lettuce

The high amount of Vitamin K present in lettuce leaves is the deciding factor that guarantees your hair fall condition. It is also extremely crucial in preventing hair fall.

This vitamins presents in lettuce has various benefits for the hair as well. It boosts hair strength and can prevent hair fall. And again, it helps to prevent premature graying of hair due to present of vitamin K . This boosts hair health.

7.    Lettuce Tastes Great – Health Benefits of Lettuce

Despite the fact that lettuce is very low in calories, it can still offer the sweet taste. If you want to get the best out of your food, it is better that you eat it with your whole body so you can fully savior the taste. This goes the same with enjoying lettuce juice.

8. Fights Inflammation – Health Benefits of Lettuce

Certain proteins in lettuce (or Romaine lettuce), like lipoxygenase, help control inflammation.

It has been proving in one Iranian study. According to the study, lettuce has been using in folk medicine to relieve inflammation and osteodynia (pain in the bones).

According to Arthritis Foundation, vegetables (like lettuce) that are rich in vitamin K can dramatically lower inflammation . You can usually include two cups of raw leafy greens in your diet on a regular basis. Other vitamin K-rich veggies include kale, broccoli, spinach, and cabbage.

Presents of these vitamin and mineral in the leave Health benefit of Lettuce during pregnancy is good.