How Orange is Good for Health and Orange Risk

How Orange is Good for Health and Orange Risk

several benefit orange, how to prepare the orange juice

Fruits are good for health and mostly it is favorite for all type of age group. Orange is one of
them and it have many health benefit .Old age group are very like to eat because it is soft in
nature and  children are also like to eat due to its sweetness.



When it is unripe it looks green colour and its test is unpleasant and when it is ripe it turns
yellow colour and test is sweet in nature .it use for the snacks and also various dishes.many
people are love to drinks the orange juices in the breakfast which gives more benefit for the
When it is turn yellow colour (ripe ) becomes soft , smooth and lose weight and its more
if you think why orange colour is yellow ? then its answer is easy when its ripe amount
of carotinoid are more so the colour is turns the yellow.

Benefit of orange

Immunity booster


When you thinks orange benefit first comes to your mind that it so antioxidant property and
rich in vitamin C . one small size orange contains 51 mg vitamin C whether our body needs
65-90 mg of vitamin C in single day .
Vitamin C are helps to increase the immunity power in the body so the people are not suffer
the cold , scurvy, pneumonia, anemia, bleeding from sores and tooth loss etc.
Vitamin C are not stored in our body so daily intake of orange juice can prevent the various

types of unwanted disease.

Orange use for cancer

Orange is good for the preventing the cancer(prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, breast
cancer) because of it containing the vitamin C .vitamin c is the rich source of antioxidant so
it netalizing the free radical generating form our body.

Orange use for the skin

As the orange is good source of antioxidant it protect the skin form the sunlight and pollution
as the day to day life so daily in take of orange juice.
It also helps to cleaning the skin and provide the texture to the skin and regularly intake of
this fruits your wrinkle skin are recovered. You can use this orange for the topical as well as
the eating for the getting its benefit.


Orange is very helpful for the diabetic patients because it containing more fiber .
Some study say that those people are eat more fibrous food they have the less chance of
type 1 and type 2 diabetics. In the type 1 diabetics it lower the blood glucose level and in the
type 2 diabetic improvement of the blood sugar , lipid and insulin level.100 gm weight of
orange providing the 2.4 gm of fiber.
orange juice benefit
orange juice


One question is come your mind this much less quantity of fiber how to improve in the

How it help in the inflammation

In the orange one most important chemical constituent found named as polymethoxylated
flavones and its derivative .Polymethoxylated flavones are helps to suppress the Tumor
Necrosis factor-α to protect the disease like Rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis.

Helps in the cardiac function

Orange is contain more amount of potassium and magnesium which is very help full to
conduction of heart so the blood pressure is under limit . those people are suffering high
blood pressure they must eat the orange for the better control of blood pressure .


Orange is also contain the vitamin B6 which is helps to prepare the hemoglobin.

Eye health

Orange is containing more amount of the carotenoid and it also rich in vitamin A which is
helps to maintain the mucus in the eyes and preventing the age related muscular
degenaration so eating of orange is good for the eye health.

Brain development

It is containing more amount of folate and folic acid which is also called vitamin B . folate is
helps to prepare the red blood cell in case of human and in case of new born baby folate
helps to producing the neuron in the brain and spinal cord .

Use for the constipation

Due to rich in fiber it helps to protect the stomach problem like indigestion , constipation,
faces problems.

How it helps in beauty

Orange is rich in the vitamin c and you must know that vitamin C is helps to storage the
collagen as well as the formation of collagen in the human . collagen is play role to
strengthening the skin and elasticity to skin and also moist the skin . colagen is also helps
to growing the hair and black colour to hair .
Some tips
If you want to extract the juice from the orange you must try to heat up to 40°C for better
extraction of juice .


Many types of vaporizer are prepare by the extraction of orange is also use
various types of cosmetics product like face wash.
Risk of orange

Those people are taking Beta blocker they are must avoiding to take the  orange because
of beta blocker is increase the potassium content in the body higher amount of potassium
kidney can’t filter there may be chance of kidney failure .

Orange is contain more acid (citric acid) so excess eat of orange may be the chance of
hyper acidity.

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