How to Take Care of Hair in Winter Naturally

Winter season is very challenge full to take care of hole body. Many people are worried about this season so today we share How to Take Care of Hair in Winter Naturally. Naturally means no cost you don’t need anything buy from the market.

In this winter season people are not using any sampoo or not clean hair properly so hair fall and dandruff is very common problem. According to researcher 80% people are suffering from hair fall problems. Compare to another season in the winter season is hair care is most important. Hair dandruff, Hair Fall, Whiteness of hair are a common problem nowadays So you have to very careful about some food which is helps to prevent this type of Symptoms.

Today i share some 4 amazing way to Take care of Hair in winter naturally.

4 Different Way to take Care of Hair Naturally

1. Dandruff is very common problem but in winter season its amount is increase so many people are worried about this. Those people are suffer in this problem they are doing shampoo twice in week and using conditioner in hair. Now a day various types of conditioner are available in the market but you can use cord in hair or you can use cord with honey which is good for hair.

2. Hair Fall is also major problem in winter season. Winter season don’t force to hair. If you use Hair brush or fine tooth comb don’t use this in this season you can use wide tooth comb.


Wide tooth Comb for Hair
Wide tooth Comb

3. Don’t use oil in hair before going to sleep night. Best time for use of oil is before 1 hour to shampoo. Oil is helps to create dandruff so use less amount of oil in this winter season. 


4. Egg is rich source of protein, fatty acid and nutrients which is good for hair. Those people are suffering poor hair growth and hair damage, they are use egg mask for better growth of hair. Egg is good conditioner and nourish the hair. People are suffering constant hair loss due to thin hair and brittle egg mask is your best choice for you. Vitamin A present in egg is helps prevent dryness of hair and also help to prevent breakage of hair.
Cold Weather Meals Healthy Life

Best food For Hair

As we Discuss Brown rice which helps for our hair, it also helps to control weight of our body. Brown rice also helps increase the density of hair. Brown rice is a rich source of Zinc which is helps stop hair fall along with infection of hair.

Similar to Brown rice Pinot Butter is also a rich source of Zinc. which is also to reduce the hair fall and Prevent Hair Infection. You can eat pinot butter along with bread. Children are very like to eat pinot butter along with bread.

Akhorots, Dry food are best for hair. according to the scientist Akhorots is a rich source of fatty acid, protein, omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin E and biotin which gives strength to root hair.

Carrot is rich source of Vitamin A, which is very helpful to our hair. if drink carrot juice it works like medicine for hair. you can eat carrot as salad or use in many different recipes.