What is the synthesis of carbs?

The so-called carbs (carbohydrate as known officially) are the main fuel molecule for the mammals. This is the molecule of choice for direct energy release especially for brain, muscle and kidney tissues that are in great need when your body performs certain actions.

Carbs is good source of energy and the synthesis of carbs is free in nature and is promoted in plants during the photosynthesis session. There are some healthy complex carbohydrates are present which is gives you instant energy.

It is a vital procedure that brings together small particles of sugar creating larger chains of sugar molecules that are called polysaccharides. Test of carbohydrate is sweet so when you eat food and if test is sweet then you must know that it contain some amount of carbs.

These list of good carbs have been identified as the main problem for modern people obesity problem. That is why they cannot be stored by themselves in the human organs after a certain critical level. This means that muscles and liver which are the main storage places for carbs in the body can rapidly lose their ability to store carbs. This is extremely dangerous for the human body because if carbs are let to circulate freely in the blood stream, they can create multiple dangers for the life of the human being.

Honey rich in carbs

As a result, the carbs taken by food are getting gathered to the liver where after a complex chemical transformation that passes through the Krebs Cycle are getting into fat acids and stored around the belly of persons endangering their life and inducing obesity.

List of good carbs food

There are many types of food that contain the types of good carbs that you should consume so that you are healthy and good carbs required for bodybuilding:

  • Fruits: They are the primary kind of good carbs having fructose that doesn’t give you a streak in your sugar blood steam. all the fruits are rich source of carbohydrate among them banana is highest amount of carbs so it gives instance energy.
  • Fish: This type of food contains only the good type of carbs that exist inside the fish flesh. Healthy people eat at least one portion of fresh fish during the week.
  • Potatoes: Either broiled or boiled, potatoes are great sources of combined carbs that deliver energy to the body gradually and without interfering with the blood sugar levels.
  • Rice: It is a great source of good carbs that gives more energy for the portion of food consumed. It’s a great combination for meat proteins and chicken.
  • Green vegetables: This is the healthiest type of pure carbs that you can have. They also contain cellulose that is not digested by the human intestine and can help to the deal with all types of digestion disorders.
  • Red meat: Red meat coming from lamp and beef is great since it has a low carb profile and can be good for your health since it combines proteins of high value as well as long-absorbing carbs that release energy to the body.
  • Honey: This is the most valuable type of pure carbs you can have. It has more fructose that all other fruit extracts and can keep you healthy. Does not interfere with the integrity of your teeth like white sugar does.
  • Whole wheat bread: This type of bread has more long acting carbs and can give you less highs on your blood sugar levels. It can be beneficial since it is also gluten free.
  • Eggs: This is a complete food that has less bad carbs and more of the good ones. Can give you instant proteins and energy through the carbs and be a good source of vitamins and energy as well. You should always include them in a healthy diet especially good for children as well.
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  • Edible fungi: This is a type of food that has been greatly developed lately. The edible fungi are giving you more energy for their weight. They can be eaten in a lot of ways like broiled or boiled or even baked inside special pies. Edible fungi have lots of natural fibers and are great sources of good carbs that increase your energy without interfering with your blood stream levels. They are tasty and always affordable no matter where you are located. Fungi can come in many types and you can have them available in all seasons. Make sure you eat them with great pieces of meat and it will make a difference in your daily table.

What kind of problems can bad carbs cause you?

The bad type of carbs hidden in sweets and white flour products are responsible for obesity and the metabolic syndrome disease. This is characterized by extreme belly fat, increased blood pressure and problems by the digestive system. The main problem however remains the diabetes. if people are eating food given in list of good carbs there are less chance for a harmfull disease like diabetes and blood pressure.

This is a chronic situation where the excessive sugar in the blood stream cannot be absorbed by the liver and stays in the vessels. Then it creates dangerous conditions for the person suffering from it since it can destroy the small vessels in the eyes, the kidneys as well as the toe fingers. That is why these people are having daily shots of insulin that is a natural hormone produced by pancreas in healthy people.

The insulin makes it easier to get the sugar enter the cells of the organ targets and lower the destructive levels of the blood sugar which is free floating. That is the main problem that the bad type of carbs is causing to your body and you should absolutely avoid them.

Conclusion for list of good carbs

These list of good carbs are a lot easier to find them in natural products like fruits, nuts and vegetables. That is good news for people who are making a great change in their life and are into natural food consumption.

On the other hand, people who are used to eating highly processed food that are made of white flour and bad carbs are more likely to develop diseases and obesity. This is why you should always opt out for natural food no matter what.

Finally, the good carbs are making a lot of good to your energy levels. They are gradually giving energy to your body without causing any severe drop in your blood sugar levels. Your digestive system can work a lot better and you can even protect yourself from cancer and other serious diseases.

Prefer good carbs to live longer!