Lychee Benefit for Human Health

Lychee fruits Family is sapindaceae originating from southeast asia. This comercial cultivated in the various country like Taiwan ,china, India. Some people are spell ‘litch’.

This fruits many parts are give the advantages including lychee flesh, lychee peel and seed are providing high range of antioxidant which has the medicinal property.

According to USFDA lychee flesh have low calories but rich in dietary fiber , vitamins and polyphenol. Due to rich in essential constituent present this fruits show the anticancer activity .

This fruits peels are contains proanthocyanidins and polyphenols.

Now a day freeze dried lychee powder are available in the market which is retain the same quantity of fresh fruit.

Health benefit

This fruits are many health benefit as well as good test like sweet. Bellow i discuss about some benefit of this fruits.

Lychee Benefit for anemia

This fruits helps for building of red blood cell in the human being . so those people are suffer the disease like anemia they are take this fruits daily basis to avoid anemia.

Lychee benefit for increase body immunity

This fruit are rich in vitamin C . 100 gm of lychee vitamin C is presents 71.5 mg .

Whenever our body daily required of vitamin c is 213 mg to maintain the impurity .

Those people are having less impurity power they can take around 10-12 litchi to boost of the immunity.

Due to increase the immunity of the body many disease are like cancer and cold are not affected to the body.

Lychee benefits antioxidant

This fruits have more amount of proanthocyanidins. Proanthocyanidin is otherwise called condensed tannins. This play an important role in antioxidant activity.

Polyphenol also available in this fruits to give antioxidant property of the fruits .it can increase the glowing of the face.

Lychee benefits for instance energy

Natural sugar like sucrose and fructose and sucrose are presents in this fruit which give the instance energy to the body. If you feel tired then you must eat the 10-12 fruits to feels fresh.

Some time people are feel more thirsty after drinking of more water that time eat some of fruits to avoid this symptoms.

Lychee Benefit for cardiovascular disease

Form the ancient time persimmon juice and litch juice are use for the reducing blood pressure in the japan. This effect is shown due to presents of proanthocyanidins.

Lychee Benefit diabetes

Due to natural sugar presents in the lychee no any harmful to the diabetic patient.

This fruits are helps to increase the insulin level in the body to maintain the balancing of carbohydrate in the body .

But those people are highly affect the diabetes they can’t take more amount of this fruits. It may increase the blood sugar level more.

Lychee benefit in pregnancy

This fruits are not safe during pregnancy due to increase of blood sugar level and leads to gestational diabetes.

May leads to infection and chances of hemorrhage . if any pregnant women are want to eat this fruits they must consult your doctor or dietitian for the better health life.

Lychee benefit in blood circulation

This fruits are helps to maintains the hemoglobin level in the body and also maintain magnesium, iron manganese ,vitamin c . when this fruits are daily intake these phytoconstituents are helps to normalized the blood circulation that leads to lower the blood pressure. Ultimately good for the heart health.

Lychee benefit in dehydration

This fruits are contain more amounts of water. When this fruits are eat they can maintain the water level in the body.

In the summer season this fruits are helps to boost of your energy and helps to prevent the tiredness in the body. Bowel movement are easy due present of more amount of water.

Lychee benefits for maintain blood sugar levels

In some study i know that many children are die last 20 year in India . According to research of USFDA death of children they concluded that hypoglycin which keeps our body from sugar get lower. So many symptoms shown like fatigue ,dizziness,memory loss, drowsiness and death.

Litch fruits are helps to maintain blood sugar level to avoiding this problem.

Lychee benefits weight loss

This fruits have low calories and no cholesterol and fats. It contain more amounts of fibers .those people are want to lose the belly fat they must eat 10-12 fruits  for better effects.

Lychee benefits for skin

This fruits have more amount of vitamin c which act as antioxidant in nature .

In the daily life people are affected many condition like direct sunlight ,pollution ,smoke . due to this reason skin are burn slowly . so that wrinkly ,pimples are comes out in the face . in that condition vitamin c helps to fight against the free radicals and protect your skin . so the eating of litch fruits is helps to maintain the vitamin c level in the body.

Litch have some other constituents presents which helps to glowing of skin and kept better. Other constituent are thiamine,niacin and copper.

Thiamin helps metabolism of fat and Niacin helps to hydration of skin and copper helps to recover the damaged skin.

Lychee cultivation

This fruits have sweet test with pleasant flavour. Colour is bright red ,seed are oval shape. Seeds are cover with white and translucent fresh yaril.This fruits are used for manufacturing of juice , vinegar , jelly and wine.its flavour are use in the ice cream.

Lychee tree
Lychee tree

In the china litch fruits are use for the traditional medicine due to its health benefits.

Commercial value of this fruits are very high in the international markets.

This fruits are more attractive due to its red colour after harvesting red colour of fruits gradually disappearing to brownish colour.

Why lychee colour is red ?

Colour of this fruits are red due to presence of anthocyanins like cyanidin-3-rutinoside and cyanidin-3-glucoside and malvidin 3-acetyl glucoside.

Anthocyanins are natural plant colour .in between the tissue this antheracine are unstable due to several factor.

Polyphenol oxidase are most important factor to degrade the anthracinum present in the fruits and vegetable. Some study says that anthocyanin degrade due to chance in the PH of pericarpe.

Cultivation of lychee starts from the country like china , vietnam and malaysia. Cultivation of this plants is starts from 2000 BC till now this fruits are not widely cultivated. Lychee tree are take 3-5 year to mature to gives fruits and flower.

If any climatic changes are occurs flower are irregular and fruits are small size.

Lychee tree climate are very specific for the better production of the fruits

After ripen of the fruits shelf life of the fruits are very small.

Lychee cultivated in India

India and china are produce 91 percentage of production over the world. In India 428900 metric ton of fruits are produce every year. In India asham , Bihar and kerala , madhya pradesh like these states are pricing lychee.