Marie Antoinette syndrome

Marie Antoinette syndrome is a condition in which hair suddenly turns white over the Night. Marie Antoinette Syndrome is name comes from a popular story of French Queen Marie Antoinette whose hair supposed to white when she captures in the French revolution and wait for a guillotine. This happens in 1793 at that time when doctors are treatment and they give the statement it is happened due to major stress.

Similar to Marie Antoinette syndrome, Thomas more syndrome in which hair suddenly whiten overnight in Talmud 83 AD. He is scholar from childhood and at a young age, he is appointed as chief of the main Israeli Talmudic academy at just age 17 years. Doctor is decided that the sudden whitening of hair is due he is doing more work in one day or taking more stress.

Marie Antoinette and Thomas more both are not common women and men in the world. one is French Queen and the other is a scholar but they are famous in the world as their disease know as sudden whitening of hair over the Night.

Thomas more syndrome similar to Marie Antoinette syndrome
Thomas more syndrome

Research says about the Whitening of Hair

Many scientists is research this overnight whitening of hair they finally conclude that preferential loss of pigmented hair in this supposedly immune-mediated disorder.

Scientists prove to try to prove that, is Stress hormone is responsible for this syndrome? To proof that hypothesis they take Black color mice and remove the adrenal gland of the mice who is responsible for secretion of Cortisol which plays an important role to kill the pigment stem cell. But the result is negative.

So scientists doing another research to know Marie Antoinette syndrome cause.  They think when people are taking more stress, the sympathetic nerve system are more active and which is responsible for auto-immune disease. Due to over activation of the sympathetic nerve system break down the stem cell. Which is one of the main causes of the syndrome.

One of the famous articles published by the Department of Dermatology, University Hospital of Zurich reported that one 56-year-old man hair and eyelid hair turns white overnight. Without any faire and stress.

Hair grows in follicles of our scalp, each homunculus with its own supply of stem cells. These occupy the swelling area, at the bottom follicles are found. evey follicles have a 10-30 reproductive cycle in life cycle in lifetime. There are different stage in which hair grows and pigmented. Melanocytes make hydrogen peroxide which is responsible for hair fall.


Why Hair color is Black?

Hair color is pigmented due to the presence of melamine which helps to color the hair black and white. At the old age, many people’s hair color turned white due to a deficiency of melamine. There are the two different type of melamine present in our body eumelanin and pheomelanin. When eumelanin concentration is more hair color is darker and those people eumelanin concentration is less hair color is white or gray.

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Related to Marie Antoinette syndrome


Albinism is a disease in which hair color is white or pale blond. Some time hair color turns red darker blond. This condition is also affected by eyes and skin. This is a genetical disease they have no cure.


Vitiligo is disease in which hair loss and skin color is change. This is an autoimmune disease in which hydrogen peroxide plays an important role to activated pseudo catalase present in follicle.


Nutrition is very important for our health, Deficiency of vitamin alter the activity of hormone and nurotansmeter activity. Hair color also changes due to deficiency of nutrition but the good news is that you can recover it by taking proper nutrition.

Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is symptoms in which hair follicle stops preparation of new hair and existing hair fall out.  In this disease sudden hair fall start and whitening of hair occurs. This is auto immune disease in which million of people are affected in this disease.

Hormonal changes

This condition shows more in the case of women than men. When women pregnant at that time level of the hormone are increase at that time hair fall gradually increase. When people are facing thyroid disease hair fall is also increase.


Now a day young age people or also small child hairs are grey or white her hair. Many people and doctors are also said stress is responsible for the whitening of hair but there is no proof.

According to scientists and researchers, it concludes that stress indirectly helps to the whitening of hair which occurs in Marie Antoinette syndrome. Stress helps to activate the sympathetic nerve system and ultimately instant whitening of hair occurs.