When you grow your muscle it ultimately helps to increase the size of the body and increase the weight of body. So you can easily lift heavy weight.

Muscle building
Muscle building

there are two type of weight gain, e.i. Good weight gain and bad weight gain.

Here we discuss good weight gains which help to increase stamina.

Those people are interested to build the muscle they are doing various type of exercise and take more supplements to increase the muscle.

Benefits of Building Muscle

There are many types of benefits if you build your muscle. Now, these days there are the various types of disease are affecting at the age 40 or more it is because less in the body immunity. Disease are diabetics, blood pressure, heart attack, kidney problem, gastric and indigestion.

Many younger people are suffering these types of disease and also reducing sex drive.

When you try to build the muscle or doing work out daily your immunity power becomes increase and to prevents the various disease as we discuss above.

Nowadays muscle building is one of the fashion. It also good for the health.

Muscle Building Diet Plan

Muscle are basically compossed of proteine so more proteinous food are helps Building muscles.

Proteine are found in both veg and non-veg food. Non veg foods are contain more protein as compare with veg food.

Those people are wants to building the muscle they are required to eat 60-80 gm of proteine per day. But professional muscle builder are eat more than 100 gm of protein per day.

Below we discuss how much proteine are present in various types of food items.

Food                 Protein in Gm/100 gm

Soya bean 43.2

Chicken 26.0

Milk powder 38.0

Cheese 24.1

Groundnuts 25.3

Poppy seeds 21.7

Cashewnut 21.2

Almond 20.8

Green gram 24.0

Rajmah 22.9

Moth beans 23.6

Diet plan for muscle building

A good diet very helps full for building muscle.

Take some aloe vera juice for glowing of skin.

In the morning time those people are Doing work out, Before doing work out eat one banana and one apple then start work out for one our and after completion drink your protein shake. Those people are don’t doing work out in the morning time they can take directly protein shake.


Protein powder
Protein powder

For both condition after one hour taking a protein shake to eat there breakfast.

For muscle building breakfast are very helpful.

Throse people are pure vegeterian they can eat oats with milk and after that eat some black chickpeas sprouted. Chickpeas are source of protein.

Chickpeas are helps to improve sperm count in the normal people.

Those people eat non-veg, they can eat 5 boiled egg among them 2 holes boiled egg and 3 white part.

Both vegetarian and non-vegetarians are taken one bread with peanut butter.

After this one capsule of omega 3 and fatty acid which helps to your skin relaxation.

Drink plenty of water at the time of the working hour.

At lunch time vegetarian must eat boild food which contain fewer spices. They can eat dal, rice, rasam, sole, soyabin, salad, curd.

For Non-vegetarian eat rice, chicken, curd, salad, dal, soyabin.

After 2 hours of lunch drink some fruit juice.

Those people are doing work out, before doing work out eat one banana and one apple and start. After completion drinks their protein shake.

After some time vegetarian eat 100- 200 gm of paneer eat. And for nonvegetarian are eat 5 boiled eggs.

For dinner, vegetarian eat one roti with protein-rich vegetable. Or they can spice oats.

For nonvegetarians eats one roti with chicken with salad.

How muscle building doing workout

Body fats are rich in energy those people are eating high calories and don’t doing exceise. Those people fat are diposition in stomach.

At time of workout our body required more energy so that time fats are break down give the energy. In this way extra fats are breakdown.

Due to strenght muscle various types of disease are not affected. At the old age it helps prevent fracture. You body are always keep natuarl energy.