Nowadays Brazilian wax is famous the over the world, it has some benefits and some disadvantages.

One of your friends just comes back from a bikini wax treatment and she states that it was one of the best beauty decisions she ever made. This puts your thinking cap on and you also feel encouraged to give it a try.

However, prior to making this decision, you did not have any idea what this procedure was all about and what were the steps involved in it. You just go to the nearest saloon and order a Brazilian wax treatment. On your turn, when you go to the treatment room, you are happy that you are going for a beauty treatment and you take off your clothes with excitement. However, as it happens within a few minutes through the procedure you just want to run out of the treatment room with a lot of tears in your eyes. This is all due to the fact that you were completely unaware of the procedure.

If you want to know more details about this procedure and the steps involved in this procedure then continue to read all the posts we believe all the procedures are understood and you get answers to all questions that rises in your mind.

girl feel free wearing bikini
Bikini line wax girl at the beach

What is Brazilian wax?

The Brazilian wax is also known as bikini waxing, in this treatment removes hair from the entire pubic region including the bottom, apart from a small patch just above the pubic area. This is a very private type of waxing so you must be ready for that.

Nowadays there are so many designs are available like a thin stretch of hair left in front known as a “landing strip”. Women commonly seek this procedure, though men have also found it a great way to get rid of unwanted visible hair around the crotch area.

What are the type of Brazilian wax?

There is mainly three types of wax is used for this Brazilian wax over the world. In these three types so many qualities of wax are available. According to quality-price may vary.

Soft wax

Soft wax is very thin and sticky, it is not used repeatedly in the same place due to the stickiness of soft wax. Actually, soft wax is attached to your skin and one strip is used for pulling out. So repeatedly use of soft wax in the same place may damage the skin.

This is available in the market in jelly form so there is no process before applying this.

Hard wax

Hard wax is completely different from soft wax, it is not sticky and dry fast when you applied to the skin it will cover the root of the hair so hair is easily come out without any damage to the skin.

There are no strips are used for pulled put. So it has less pain full as compared to other wax.

Hard wax is used multiple times in the same place where you applied before, there are available in bread, tablets, and jelly form. If you found bread or tablet form then you have to process it before applying.

You can use the wax heater which is available in the market or you heat any sweat-able pot.

Blue Hard wax appled on leg
Blue Hard wax applied on leg

Strip wax

Nowadays there is very little use of strip wax. It is somewhat similar to soft wax.

What is involved in a Brazilian?

In this method, wax is applied directly to the hair that you want to remove. Wax is warped around each hair carefully and pulled off quickly as fast as possible to reduce pain when the wax is dry. This wax is very protective for the skin and does not have any reactions to the skin.

Professional waxing people are always trying to reduce pain to their customers, so they applied some tricks like holding the skin tight around the area to be waxed.

Benefits of Brazilian wax

Bikini wax has many advantages as well as disadvantages. But there is good evidence that women consider its advantages are more than disadvantages, therefore, millions of women opt for this procedure despite the pain involved.

 It is very effective because pulls away hair from roots. This is the reason that the hair takes a lot more time for their regret after this technique. Since roots are very deep in the skin and bikini wax pulls the hair from that layer, it would require a lot more time to grow again after the procedure. In fact, you can be sure that the hair will not grow again for at least two weeks after this. This is a lot more efficient than shaving which you would require every second day.

Bikini area waxing is now far more than a trend, but a way of life for many people. Whether it’s a standard bikini wax or a more defined Brazilian bikini wax, there’s an option for everyone.

The Brazilian is certainly one of the most popular of hair removal techniques and differs from other methods in several ways.

It helps increase the beauty of women when they are in that swimsuit, whether you’re a male or female, has a lot to do with how much hair you don’t display in the pubic region! However, even the more private and hidden areas also deserve some attention with hair removal, and waxing is the right way to get the best results.


Brazilian wax benefits are also there is no chance of injury in private part and neat and clean there is not a single hair was found.

If you’re the type who enjoys the more daring swimsuit styles or if you personally just like to have less hair to bother with in the genital area, then bikini waxing is your best bet. It may be painful, but it’s a very safe procedure which is more than can be said for traditional shaving, which can give cuts from the blades. Even using depilatory creams to achieve hair removal is much too messy and involves bringing unwanted chemicals too close to your private areas. There’s more to the waxing technique than just forcefully pulling hair out from its roots; bikini waxing is a specialized procedure that gives great results. Take your time to find out the best options for you.

The disadvantage of Brazilian Wax

There is some point we found which is demotivating to doing wax.

Sensitive skin people are not doing this wax. At the time of wax, they applied force so sensitive skin are reacted more as compared to normal skin.

This process is very painful, so before you do this you know what propose you are doing.

Brazilian wax is a high-cost process and you have to visit again and again.

can brazilian wax cause bleeding?

No there is no bleeding but you have face some pain. That depends on two factors, strong hair, and sensitive skin.

In most cases, we’ll do it so quickly you won’t even have the time to feel anything. In fact, some women don’t even know we’ve started! We find that most of the women are pleasantly surprised by how painless a Brazilian really is.

People generally feel prepared to go through some amount of pain to get the results they desire.

There are many cosmetic procedures which require a certain amount of endurance to obtain that unique look sought. A Brazilian bikini wax might not be the most pleasant experience but the results are fabulous.

Getting yourself beach-ready may be one of your reasons for deciding to get a bikini wax. Or you simply just want to get rid of unwanted hair and feel smooth and fresh.

Step to Reduce the Pain at the time of waxing

Brazilian wax is without any doubt one of the most painful experiences for the ladies and also for those men who have done it before. Bikin wax is performed on the most sensitive part of the body, the pubic area.

These simple tips may not totally purge your pain but at least they will be able to reduce the pain to a tolerable level that you can bear with.

So to reduce the pain you must be selected one trained person.

Try to use hard wax as much as possible, it has more cost as compared to soft wax.

Chose a reason for which you want to do the wax.

How long will Brazilian wax last?

After your first waxing, the results can last anywhere from four to six weeks, depending on your hair re-growth rate and the season.

Warmer weather tends to encourage faster re-growth; therefore your hair grows quicker during the summer. In most cases, you’ll see minimal hair re-growth during the first three weeks, with noticeable increases from there onwards. We recommend a four to five weekly appointment for most of our clients.

Can skin reactions occur after waxing?

Occasionally, the areas of the body where the wax has been used may show the formation of red pimples, but these will disappear after a few hours. These skin irritations are triggered by the fact that the pores of the skin are opened during waxing. After depilation with wax, we use soothing oil and/or a cool aloe vera gel, and we also offer a wellness lotion for home care, which has a very calming effect.

When shouldn’t you do waxing?

If the skin is irritated, reddened, or injured, waxing should not be used. If you are sunburned or 24 hours after sunbathing, please do not go for body hair removal, as the skin is then very irritated.

What should you watch out for after waxing?

With very thick hair, purulent pustules can occasionally appear.

This is a normal reaction that occurs when the root of the hair is removed, causing the pore/follicle to briefly expand. Since the skin is sensitive immediately after hair removal with wax, the following should be observed.

24 hours after a wax treatment, you should not expose yourself to the sun or visit the solarium. You should also refrain from using care products with chemical additives for up to 24 hours after the treatment. You shouldn’t use alcohol-based deodorant after waxing your armpits.