Natural way of reduce belly fat | weight loss

Natural way of reduce belly fat | weight loss

weight loss tips and reduce the belly fat

Many people are always worried about the bulk belly . you don’t know this is the one of the probable reason to increase your belly fat . when you read this article you can understand how this is possible. Don’t worried I explain you latter.

People are don’t know why his/her belly are increase , or what is mechanism ,or you say what is the process of deposition of fat in the belly and they starts the stupid action to reduce the belly fat to listening of any other person . in this article I explain you how fat are deposition in to belly and some normal rule when you implement to tour day to day life you can get the better result.
Fat deposition in belly
Fat deposition in belly

Mechanism of fat storage

In the day to day life we take more calories but all the calories are not burn when we take extra calories . carbohydrate are rich source of calories and carbohydrate are converted in to fat by some enzymes.In our body fat are store in some specific cell , when our body other cells are required the energy these stored fat are give the energy to required cells. It is very simple process.

Study some case

Case 1

Some people are slim body which is very good looking form the childhood. This is because the function of cells which is store the fat are working fine . these cells are store fat easily and come out of fat when requirement of energy to other cells easily .So when this peoples are take calories total amount are utilized results no diposition are done.

Case 2

In this case some people are bulk form the childhood due to genetic inheritance. This people are grid fat cells. When this people are eat more calories grid fat cells are stores more fat instead of burning . when other cell are required the calories fat are comes slowly or not comes form the grid fat cells. This is reason bulk people are felling weeknees even if they take more calories and also people are more hungry and they want to eat more as compare to other heathy people. This procress are vise versa we can say if you have more fat you eat more or you eat more so you have more fat diposition.

Case 3

When you eat more carbohydrate conating food Insulin helps you to metabolism of carbohydrate some percentage but other carbohydrate are store as a fat in the cells. Our body having more space to store the fat. Most interesting is Insulin is also help to store fat in our body .when we doing so physical excersise blood flow are so high so insulin are goes so fat metabolism are starts.
Fat people are eat more
Fat people are eat more

When you take more carbohydrate insulin secretion are more to metabolism of carbohydrate or storing of carbohydrate as fat.

Case 4

In this case we discus about hormonal resin . when you are in stress our body secrete hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone who is give the signal to store carbohydrate as fat.

Now we discus How you can reduce to storage of fat

Step 1

If you really want to reduce your belly you first reduce to taking of carbohydrate. Take more carbohydrate 2-3 time in the week and other day you can take less carbohydrate .
For follow this you can prepare a chart of food intake by you. Follow the chart and you get the better result .

Step 2

Always try to live stress free . so the hormone like cortisol are secretion less. And storage of carbohydrate are less. ultimate deposition of fat is less .

Step 3

Many people are doing exercise for reducing there belly fat without less taking of carbohydrate . it is not give proper result to you. Exercise is good for health like your heart working good and liver also working good you are so active in the day today life .
Fat reduced by exercise
Fat reduced by exercise

Lets I understand you why exercise is not more effective if you don’t take less carbohydrate. People are start exercise when they have fat belly. If you doing exercise amount of carbohydrate are metabolism what you take in those day not the storage or very minute amount.

If you want to get the better result you follow the taking of less carbohydrate and live stress free.

My formula to reduce fat belly is

Better result = step 1 +step 2 + step 3

Why fats are deposition in the belly ?

A normal person when he read this article one thought comes , why fats are deposition in the belly . if you think like that I clear your doubt . it is totally wrong fat are deposition in body all the part. Fat are also deposition in the hip and buttock.

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