Natural way of relief Gas | Home remedies for Gas

Natural way of relief Gas | Home remedies for Gas

Gas relief, Home remedies for Gas

Gas is common problem in the day today life . if you calculate among 100 people about 99-98 people are suffer in the gas. Now a days gas is no limit for any age group or male and female . some study say it is also affecting domestic animal also like cow , goat and dog. When you suffer in gas you feel very uncomfortable .
burning stomach in gas
burning stomach

Sign and symptoms

  • Sign and symptoms of gas is very common
  • Burning in the GI tract
  • Pain ,cramps or knotted feeling in the abdomen
  • Passing gas
  • Gas comes form the mouth
  • When you take food immediate burning in the chest
  • Stomach is fullness of gas(bloating)
  • Size of abdomen is increase
  • Bloody stools
  • Weight loss
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Pain occur in the chest like inside burning fire.


Empty stomach is the best reason for the gas. When you take food or drink it goes to your stomach for the digestion . if the food is not digested in the stomach then it may produce gas . if you take one type of food daily then more chance of gas formation. But many people are not take food properly like in a day 1-2 time eat so there are more chance formation of gas. If you don’t drink adequate amount of water in the day time then you suffer the gas.
Many people are like to eat junk food or they like to eat restaurant or hotel . This food is contain more spice and oil which is not digested properly so the gas formation. Timing of eat food change is the one of the reason for gas. Some people are not doing the break fast or inadequate breakfast is reason of gas.

Some tips to avoid gas

Best way to treat the gas is Drink Plenty of water in the day time which is dehydrate the body and neutralize the PH of your stomach. And water is also helps to filtration process of our also cure the acne of your face.
If you are doing job in any organization then you have the not taking food as much you required. So you doing breakfast as much as you take .because hole night you are in the empty stomach. Acid level in the body is high by taking food in the morning is well digested and it gives you more energy. Take food 4- 5 times per day which is avoid the empty stomach. Don’t take more carbohydrate food it increase the acid level in the body.
Youga and excerise is the best way to avoid the acdity in the stomach. Youga helps r to remove the extra gas present in the body like carbon dioxide , methane and hydrogen which is produce at the time of digestion. Prayanam is the best for the gas treatment. You can doing the bajraasan or kapalbathy like youga for complete cure of gas.

Natural way to reduce the gas

Take one glass of cold milk add half table spoon of natural ghee (cow ghee) mix it properly and drink slowly after taking food . cold milk (not frizee) is gives you some relax of burning of chest. You can take it after diner for daily for better treatment.
cold milk for gas
cold milk

Turmeric is good anti-inflammatory. You can use the turmeric for the relief of pain in the gas. Every morning you can take one spoon of grinding turmeric for preventing gas and other decease. Turmeric powder and some black salt ,cumin seed powder add 2 spoon of lemon juice and mix it and take for better result, instance releaf of gas. You can take it every day for good health .
Turmeric powder
Turmeric powder

Butter milk is the best for gas treatment . if you are not suffer any cold or fever then you can take it with one tea spoon of black piper powder and add some pudina (mint leaf) to get the better result.
butter milk with mint leaf
butter milk

Take some tulsi leaf make paste of tulsi leaf , take one kukumber and grind for the juice add some tulsi paste and ajwin powder and mix it and drink slowly.

Aloe vera juice is best treatment for gas . it can reduce the gas and gives you relax when you feel burning chest. Best time to take juice is morning time and also you can take when feel gas in the stomach.

After taking food one clove is very help to digested your food properly and it maintain the gas level in your body.

After taking food you can take 1-2 seeds of elaichi with rock sugar which is help to metabolism of food in the stomach and reduce the gastric problem.

Don’t take same type of food daily basis .specially carbohydrate which is not metabolism properly indigestion occour finnaly gas is produce.

Fennel seeds is best for the digestion of food .after taking meal you can take some fennel seeds for improving your digest system.
fennel seed
fennel seed

Jaggery is best for treatment of gas and digestion of food .it can gives the better result to you.

Natural Tips and tricks for treatment of gas

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