Over the world neem is one of the popular plant due to its medicinal property. Botanical name of this plants is Azadirachta Indica . Due to use in the traditional way around 5000 year back.

This plants are known as Neemba as per sanskrit .the hole plants are benefits for the human health like leaves, flower ,fruits,root and bark.

Other name are neem tree,Indian lilac . Family of this plants are Meliaceae.

This plants are mainly found in India,Nepal,Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and maldives.

Seed are mainly use for preparation of neem oil.

Neem oil benefit for health
Neem oil

This plants are grow faster. in India climate is very sweatable for growing this plants.

This plants flower are looking white in colour. One flower stacks are contain both male and female so less chances for failure of fruits.

Fruits are looking green in colour when it mature it’s colour turn to whites green.

Benefits of Neem

This plants are used in the ayurvedic medicine , unani medicine for curing various disease. All the part of the tree are benefits for human health. It has the anti fungal ,antibacterial and antiviral property.

Neem benefits for recovery wound

Neem has contain antibacterial and antifungal activity. So it helps to prevents the bacterial growth of external wound . you can use Bark for curing and recovery of the wounds.

When wound are swelling water at this time more chances of growing of bacteria.

One best way to treat wound is using neem bark. Take raw bark of neem tree add some water and some “khaira” then boli around 15 minutes. Then cooled upto 37°-40°C . This solution looking red in colour . dip a smooth cotton to it and smoothly wash your wound. Follow this process for one to two weeks two time per day. You feel relax after doing this process.

You can continue medicine along this treatment without any side effect.

Those people are not found the neem bark they can also use neem oil or neem powder which is available in the market. This is helps to kill the germs present in the wound .

Neem benefits for skin disease

Those people are skin problem like Irritation,redness of skin they have good benefits.

When you take bath add some neem leaves to bath water . and use this water for bath to cure the skin problems.

After continuing this process your skin problems are gradually decrease.

Also Neem powder and neem oil are helps to cure the skin disease like eczema,acne, skin allergy, rash, Ringworms etc.

Some time it is take along with turmeric powder for better treatment of various skin disease.


Neem leaves extract
Neem leaves extract

Neem having plenty of Carotenoid and antioxidant which is helps fight against free radical so the skin are glowing and helps to cure wrinkle and stop the ageing.

Neem benefits for burn injury

Due its antimicrobial activity helps to cure the burning skin faster. Neem oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acid so it provide the elasticity and moisture to the skin.

Neem benefits for hair

When Neem oil is use as hair oil it helps to prevents graying of hair and also work as anti dandruff medicine.

Those people are worried about the hair fall they must use neem oil to prevent the hair fall.

Neem benefits for pain

Due to its anti inflammatory property it is use for the treatment of various disease like Rheumatoid arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis and back pain.

How to use Neem oil for the pain ?

Take some neem oil add some coconut oil mixed properly and heat slightly and then massage in the affected area and joints for getting relax.

Neem benefits for the liver

Neem support the liver for the proper functioning by helping to filtering out toxin and unwanted harmful thing from the body.

Neem benefits for diabetes

Neem is containing various type of alkaloid and triterpenoid and fibers which are helps to maintain blood sugar in the body.

Diabetes are common disease which is affecting all age group people and if once it affect people must have take the medicine to control diabetes.

Neem leaves are reducing the type 2 diabetics if people are take daily basis.

It controlling the blood sugar level in the body.

According to study those people who are affected type 2 diabetics taking neem juice daily basis they 80% chances to controlling diabetes .

There are various natural products are use neem extract for treating diabetes.

Neem benefits for teeth

This plant extract are very helpful to cleaning the gums and teeth. Helps to kill the bacteria in the mouth which cause plaque.

Form the ancient time neem stick is use for brush mouth in the morning . so bad smells are goes .

Now a days many company are added neem extract in to the paste.various type of mouthwash are use the neem extract for killing bacteria.

Neem powder are also benefits for the teeth.