Onion Benefit for Human Health and Some Risk

Onion Benefit for Human Health and Some Risk

How Onion Benefit for Human Health ?

Onion also known as Allium cepa which is the botanical name . Various type of onion are
available in the market like red onion , white onion . In India it is very popularity. North Indian
are love to eat raw Onion in there meals.

Onion is such a vegetable which is use in every kitchen daily basis. And onion benefit for
Health is much more . it is increase the test of the food either in vegetable or the nonveg.
onion benefit

According to Wikipedia origin of onion is thousand year back for the china, egypt and
Onion leaf and flower are very test to eat , you can eat gently fry with oil.

Onion Benefit for anti inflammation

Onion has the anti inflammatory property which is helps to reduce the pain when some
insect are bit . Generally applied the fresh onion where the insect bit it can reduce the
swelling and pain in the bit place .

Onion flavor are known as quercetin which is the anti inflammatory property.
Onion helps to prevent the disease related to leukotriene , prostaglandin, Histamine in the
osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Onion Benefit for Cancer

Onion is contain many vitamin and mineral which is required to the human body.
Onion also contain organo sulfur compound which is helps to preventing the growth of
tumor cells and cancer cell and very use full for the stomach cancer.

Vitamin C is also prevent the formation of free radical which is the main reason of cancer.
Glutathione is also main constituent of onion which is show the antioxidant property .

Onion contain high fiber which is helps to health benefits for colorectal cancer .
Onion helps to preventing the prostate cancer actual mechanism is not known. Onion
prevent cancer very actively and amazing way.

Onion benefit for lowering the blood pressure

Daily intake of onion is excellent health benefit . due to more amount of HDL
(high density lipoprotein) which is helps to lowering the blood pressure in day to life .
According to chinese University of Hong kong red onion can helps to reduce the LDL
(low density lipoprotein) which is bad for health.

onion plants
onion plants

Those patient are suffer the high blood pressure they can ate onions specially red colour
in the food for controlling the blood pressure.

Onion Benefit for Heart

Onion is good for the health because the quercetin present in the onion can helps to reduce
the hypertensive activity . and it also help in lowering the blood pressure which is ultimately
helps the heart patients .

Onion benefit for dehydration

Onion contain more amount of water .when people are ate raw onion it can helps to
increase the body water level .in the summer season onion can helps to maintain the
body water level .

Onion benefit for cold symptoms

In the ancient time onion are use for the cold symptoms , when chopes of onion are
mixed with honey it can give the good effect for the clod Due to various type of mineral
present in the onion.

Onion benefit for diabetics

Onion oil contain allyl propyl disulphide , which mechanism of action is similar to Insulin.
so that way onion are helps to controlling the blood sugar.

Those people are suffer the Type 1 or type 2 diabetics they must take the onion in there
food to overcome the diabetics .

Onion benefit for Bone

Onion have the capacity to increase the bone density of old women age is more than 50 .
mostly old women are various type of bone problem due to menstrual cycle of the life and
many hormonal changes are occur .

One study conducted by the national health and nutrition in the 2003-2004 on the
perimenopausal and postmenopausal women age is greater than 50 year and concluded
that Onion has the real benefit for the bone .it can increase the bone density and make
bone more strong and calcium absorption is also increase .


We know all the vegetable have some benefit until you take in limited and over the limit
they show the side effect .When you eat more onion may show the allergic reaction .
Due to pungent odor of onion don’t eat raw onion in the day time or brush after eating the
onion to avoid the smell.
Why people are cry at time of onion chopping ?
Onion have Lachrymatory factor which is the main reason of crying. When we cutting
onion sulfoxides amino acids formation occurs . by help of air it comes in contact with eye .
and tears are comes out.

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