Common Health Benefits of Popcorn

When it comes to healthy snacks, plain popcorn always makes it ways to be among the top. It is the fact the Air-popped and eaten plain popcorn quite healthy for your body in every sense. The reason for this is that it has high concentration of calories and fat along with fiber. These are regarded as healthy antioxidants contained in a whole-grain food. This is also the deciding reason for making it as healthy diet in the daily basis. so Over all Popcorn health benefits are amazing.

Additionally, this high-fiber food can give you a helping hand to promote gastrointestinal health. The reason for this is that it can prevent body cells from damage which later can lead to disease.

There are some more health benefits of popcorn you better know to make use of it.

Coke and Popcorn was extremely popular at fairs and carnivals in the mid-1800 s. Street sellers were able to easily make and sell the tasty, aromatic snack food by the bag when the first steam powered popcorn maker was created in 1885.

Nevertheless, movie theaters wanted to stay far, far away from the pungent, crunchy grub. In the movie threator coke and  popcorn are the best food for avoiding the boring part of movie.During World War II, the sales of popcorn in the US really took off.

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn machines are among the prides of creativity. South Americans cooked popcorn and native Americans with sand countless years before forces visited. It was only in 1885, when Charles Cretors of Chicago, Illinois produced a popcorn machine which customers could buy bags of the snack that is delicate off the street. The kinds of popcorn machines can churn out lots of corn. These are perfect for film theaters and arenas, stadiums, circuses, fairs

Popcorn Health Benefits Infographic

1.     High Fibers containing food

Popcorn health benefits are good because one of the top whole grains that is unprocessed. Therefore, they have estimated that in one cup might bring about 1.2 grams of fiber. Therefore a 3-cup serving of popcorn can offer more fiber than a banana. Along with that, since it is a insoluble fiber it can efficiently help to assist digestion. If you want to take more fivers food then popcorn is the best for you .However, if you add a lot of fat, then the fiber-calorie ratio will be reduced significantly.

2.   Popcorn containing high amount of polyphenols

It is reported that the antioxidant concentration of popcorn is far higher than anticipated. Along with that, they also found out that this polyphenols  is packed in popcorn surpassed that of most fruit. This is among health antioxidant that helps you to maintain your optimum health.


According to Joe Vinson, Ph.D., from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, popcorn containing less amount of water other than any fruits so less chance of dissolve polyphenols in the water.

3.    Popcorn for Heart Health

Along with being an antioxidant powerhouse, popcorn is best known for being a whole-grain food thanks to its natural compounds. This can efficiently help you to lower your risk heart disease and stroke. Apart from that, it can help those type 2 diabetes to worry in almost no time. Popcorn have the less amount of sugar which very helpful for the heart.

4.   Popcorn containing High amount of  Antioxidant

It might comes as a surprise that popcorn is packed with high concentration of polyphenols as mentioned above. This is among types of healthy antioxidant that are more likely to be found in fruits and vegetables. According to some researches, this high amount of polyphenols can be up to 300 mg compared to that in fruit is 160 mg per serving. The reason for this is that it is lower in water content, which makes it easier for the body to absorb the properties. As per the above data we conclude that Popcorn Health Benefits are Amazing.

5.    Popcorn is good for Digestive system

Right after being ground up the popped kernels and hulls, popcorn can act as wonderful tool to help you to foster the digestion process. Along with that, it can help to keep damage to human cells at bay. As a result, you do not have to worry about the disease, including cancer that might strike you later in life.

6.   Popcorn helps to reduce Cancer

Popcorn has long been regarded as one of the wonderful source of antioxidant called ferulic acid. This is more likely to be found in beans, corn, rice, wheat as well as other grains food. It is the Ferulic acid that can offer wide ranges of therapeutic effects so that you can deal with cancer, as well as other dangerous health issues.

7.     Best Tasty snack Popcorn

Watching movies can never be the same without a serving of popcorn. It can be eaten when you are bored as well. This is the reason that it has long been made as snack staple for ages that actually is good for your health.

Small children are like to eat the popcorn at fair and couple are eat the popcorn to pass the time.