Potato benefit for health, nutrition

Potato benefit for health, nutrition

Nutrition of potato and its benefit

When you go to hotel or restaurant for lunch or dinner .you must notice in your plate one potato disk is common. All the people are love to eat specially in the snacks. In the India around 60-70 % snacks are prepared by the potatoes. Children favorite vegetable as compare to other vegetable.
potato benifit for health

Potato contain more amount carbohydrate , as well as it contain fibber,vitamins, minerals and photochemical.

How potato benefit for you

All the vegetable are good for health , you get nutrition form the vegetable . some of the vegetable are contain more nutation and some vegetable are less.


Potato contain vitamin c . which is increase the immunity power of body which help to protect various disease like cold ,fever. Two medium size potatoes or 100 gm potatoes contain aprox. 13 mg of Vitamin C . Vitamin C is not store in the body so daily intake of it  helps to maintain vitamin c level in your body.


It contain more carbohydrate and carbohydrate gives you more energy for the day to day life . 100 gm of potato contain 21 gm carbohydrate . if you health so week you can take two boil potatoes for increase your body weight.

For heart

It helps to decreasing the heart problem . it contain fibber, potassium ,vitamin c and vitamin B6 and cholesterol free. Cholesterol are deposition in the artery and you suffer blood pressure and finally heart stock .

For Cancer

It contain folic acid . it plays importance role for cell growth and development by helping histamine cycle ,serine and glycine cycle, methionine cycle , thymidylate cycle and purine cycle. Folic acid helps to DNA synthesis. Folic acid prevent various cancer cell to produce cancer. 100 gm of potato contain 38 mg of folate .

For cold

It contain some amount of zinc . Zinc is use for the treatment of cold symptoms. When you suffer cold zinc loggence for better relive .

To improve inflammation

Potatoes contains some amount of choline . if you read the acetylcholine synthesis choline is the primary raw material. Acetylcholine plays importance role for movement and memory and mood . some other function like activeness ,transmitting nerve impulse, fat absorption, brain development.   

 Blood pressure

It helps to control blood pressure due to absent of cholesterol . in our body when Low density lipoprotein amount increase it settle down in the blood vessel and formation of lumps . due to this lumps obstructed in the blood flow gradually pressure increase .
Other reason of controlling blood pressure is , potato contain more amount of potassium which is helps in vasodilation . due to vasodilation blood pressure is controlled. 100 gm of potato contain  544 mg of potassium.

For kidney

Potato helps to cure kidney stone . if you take potato juice morning and evening kidney stone are melt gradually.

Some other tips to use Potato

For fat people

Obese people are take potatoes extract for losing weight. This can help to gain and loss of weight depending upon how to take.

Pain in the stomach

Many people are suffering pain in the stomach and  they are worried about this .and take medicine for get relax to pain . I also doing same. But best home remedies for the stomach pain is take one cup of potato juice and immediate you get relax to pain.
potato juice benifit
Potato juice

For gas

When you suffer in the gas and indigestion problem the take roosted potato with black piper power it gives you relax.

For pain in joint

if you suffer pain in the joint then grind the potato moustache in the joint for better result. Or you can take juice for cure joint pain.

External injury

Some time in accident you got external force or rubbing with metal ,Skin are seen blue coloured .in this case potatoes juice is helps to maintaining skin by using potato juice.

For skin

When you face looks tired or sunburn then you use the potato juice for recovery of face skin. Also it is use for bleaching of skin . you can use daily of its juice for glowing of skin and dark spot are cure.

For Hair

If use the juice in the hair , hair failing is gradually decrease. It act as conditioner for your hair. hair seining is increase .  

Potato benefit for health , type of nutrient form potato

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