Potato risk and side effect for health

Potato risk and side effect for health

some importance information about excess intake potato

In my previous article I explain you how potato benefit for your health. all the natural thing are benefit but if you take more excessive it show side effect.

if you read my previous article potato benefit for health 

Potato total plant are poisonous in nature . it comes nightshade family . in potato plant shoots and leaves are toxic . please avoid to eat. It contain Solanine very toxic in small amount in nightshade plant. You saw some tuberous some part are green, green part are contain solanine .
potato plants
potato plant

Solanine affect gastrointestestinal and neurologic system. So you suffer many side effect like headaches, muscle cramps, diarrhea. When tuberous are kept more day in the home it becomes shrink and eyes are comes out , remove this eyes before eat or through out .


I think you don’t know acrylamide , now I explain you what is acrylamide.

This is chemical toxic in nature and causing cancer or carcinogenic effects . it is present in food naturally very minute concentration . acrylamide is formed when amino acid mix with sugar in the presence of heat (avobe 120°C ) . amino acid like Asparagine.
Potato contain various types of amino acid like Lysine , cysteine , methionine , and it also containing sugar like fructose which is sugar molecule . when it comes in contact with heat it produce Acrylamide . when tuberous use for chips or roasted in oil there are more chances to produce acrylamide . so doctor suggest to avoid this types of food like potato chips and roasted  potato which is cause cancer.
Potato chips
Potato chips


Potatoes are rich in carbohydrate which is purely contain sucrose and fructose . in our body fructose and sucrose are metabolized by insulin . when more amount of carbohydrate take insulin can’t metabolized carbohydrate because insulin level are constant in our body . always maintain low glycemic index . it produce type II diabetes.


Potato increase the obesity .as it contain more calories if you take more without any physical work out. Due to more calories it deposition in the form of fat in various organ and stop the activity of organ , like heart , kidney, bely fat increase .

Blood pressure

Fat deposition in the arteries and vain flow of blood increase so many chances to high blood pressure .


Potato contain more amount of potassium .due to excess taking kidney can’t filter the excess potassium form the blood. So function of kidney less. Gradually damaged of kidney occur.


Potato rich food are must avoid during the pregnancy because it may produce the diabetes to pregnant women according to US study. If the pregnant woman is obesity then they must avoiding intake of tuberous for less complication during the bath of child. Green spooted must avoiding during the pregnant time because it produce toxicity
Eating of chips ,deep fried French fries, baked potato with cheese must avoiding during pregnancy.

Some people are shown allergic reaction during eating of tuberous, those people are must avoiding the tuberous. Allergic through this kind of tuberousis uncommon .
Potato is grown in the heavy metal and cultivate using high fertilizer . they may risk to your health.

Some tips to avoiding risk of potato in take

All the vegetable have some side effect but intake of vegetable in the proper way can reduce risk factor and increase the benefit , choose of potato is very beneficial to you
  • Don’t take tuberouswhich is affected by fungus
  • Don’t take green colored tuberous
  • If eyes are come please avoid those tuberous
  • If it is kept more days in your home please don’t take
  • Shrink tuberousvery harmful due to dehydration .

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