Nowadays people are using various types of oil for cooking, like mustard oil, coconut oil, Pamplin oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, Rice Bran oil, etc.

But people are more aware of a healthy life, so many nutritionists is advised to use cholesterol-free oil to avoid blood pressure, diabetics and many un cure disease.

Among all the above oil Rice Bran oil is a good healthy oil

If you think ‘how healthy is rice bran oil’ to us then keep reading, we are trying to describe all types of benefits of rice bran oil.

what is rice bran oil?

Rice bran oil is also known as rice oil. This oil is extracted from the used rice bran and it contains many nutrients. Oil is stable up to many years because of the natural antioxidants present in it.

In the rice there is a very small amount of oil is present as compared to carbohydrates and minerals.

In every normal rice, there are two different part which contains lipid; endosperm and bran.

From endosperm, very low quantity of lipid was found as compared to bran.

There are main three medicinal use of this oil. e.i  reduce the risk of cancer, lower serum cholesterol, and increase immunity.

Bran continues to be used for low-cost animal feeds without being extracted for the oil. There are the various food industry use rice bran oil for providing good amount of nutrition to there product.

Rice Bran Oil Benefits

We found some effective benefits of the oil and discuss below.

Oil for Skin

We all know oil is good for the skin. It helps to moisturize the skin and helps to dry the skin. Rice Bran Oil contains a branched-chain of alkenes name Squalene found good amount e.i. 120 mg in 100 gm. This Squalene helps to soften and smoothness to the skin.

Rice Bran Oil for Hair

This oil not only uses for cooking purposes but also use as cosmetics due to its medicinal value. Rice Oil helps to strengthen hair and shine. It helps to protect the hair fall when using this oil regularly.

Good Test

A good test means this oil has no bad odor so you can use this oil in any type of food like fry, salad, curry, gravy.

Some oil has specific orders like mustard oil or coconut oil. When you cook food in ordered oil there are the chances of a test of food is somewhat different but in this oil have no chance to change of test.

Helps to Reduce Cholesterol Level

γ-oryzanol is one of the medicinal compounds present in the Rice Bran oil. Chemically this oil is a mixture of sterol and triterpene esters of ferulic acids. γ-oryzanol is helping to reduce the cholesterol level by reducing the absorption of excessive cholesterol from food.  


If a high cholesterol level patient uses this oil for 4 weeks then patients cholesterol level normalized after 4 weeks.

Many Dieticians suggest this oil for heart and diabetic patients for a healthy life.

Good Antioxidant

Tocopherols or otherwise known as vitamin E is the well amount available in Rice Bran Oil. So this antioxidant property helps to protect the body from free radicals.

Vitamin E and oryzanol help to slow down the aging process. In this oil there are so many active forms of Tocopherols and tocotrienols are found.

Good source of Fats

Rice Bran oil contains two different types of saturated fatty acid e.i. monosaturated fatty acid and polyunsaturated fatty acid equally amount.

This Saturated fatty acid fully balance which are most important to our health and helps to fulfill all the fats to the body.

Popular cooking Oil

This oil has high smoke points e.i 254 degrees C. which means Oil required more temperature for the burn.

Due to this property cookers are like using this oil for dip fry. At the time of dip fry food absorbed less oil which is healthy for our life.

May helps in menopause

Menopause is common for every woman at the age of 45-55 Years.

At this time many types of hormonal changes observe and a high level of lipid peroxidase level also high.

one Japanese article publishes that gamma-oryzanol present in this oil helps to rapidly recover lipid levels in the body along with other benefits for heart and diabetic patients.

This helps to promote hot flash at the time of menopause, Doctor advice hot flash is good for cardiovascular function.

Helps in Remove bad Breath

This oil may help in removing the bad breath in oil pulling.

According to a study conducted in Muslim Medical Hospital Vadodara, Gujarat, India by taking 30 patients. This continues for 14 days and finally concluded that oil helps to Remove bad Breath.


In this article, we discuss essential chemicals present in Rice Bran Oil and 9 most important benefits of this oil.

There are many different types of oil we are using in our day-to-day life but this oil is healthy to our life and somewhat expensive as compared to other oil.

About 10-20 kg of paddy rice required for the production of 1 kg of oil and in 2013 India produce 566 thousand metric tons of oil. Which is much more as compared to other countries.