Common Health Benefits of Sage

Sage is famous for Mediterranean origin as it can offer lots of medicinal properties. Along with that, it is also famous for its common use in cooking, cosmetics and even aromatherapy that you might normally notice. The article will shed light on its role as well as its usage in the field of medicine.

There are in fact some more health benefits of this ingredient you better know in order to make the most of it. Sage is an plant of the mint family, aboard oregano, lavender, rosemary, thyme, and basil.Over recent years, studies demonstrating the health advantages of sage have full-grown in variety.

Sage seems to contain a variety of medicinal drug due to its anti- inflammatory and antioxidant property.

There are more than 900 species of sage.

1.           Alzheimer’s treatment – Health Benefits of Sage

For those who have to deal with moderate Alzheimer’s disease,  it is recommended that you take sage extract or a placebo for couples of months, preferably 4 months. This might bring about improvement in cognition as well as less agitation, which has been tested. In other studies, they can also works the best to improve memory in young, healthy adults if you notice.

One studies have shown that sage can even improve memory in young, healthy adults. Acetylecholine (ACH) levels appear to fall in Alzheimer’s disease. sage seems to help halt the breakdown of the chemical Acetylecholine neurotransmitter (ACH), that contains a role in memory.

Sage Benefits Infographic
sage Bnefits Infographics

2.        Blood Glucose  – Health Benefits of Sage

There also have studies pointing out that among 40 patients with diabetes and hyperlipidemia, they are given sage leaf extract for couples of months to compare with those who do not take the leaves. By the end of the experiment, they uncover that those who take the leaves have lower fasting glucose, as well as other negative index. Due to this reason, they suppose that lettuce does have considerable impact on the health.

In one study, sage extract reduced glucose levels by inducing specific receptor present in rats When this receptor is activated, it will facilitate clear excess free fatty acids within the blood, that successively improves endocrine sensitivity.

Those people are taking sage extract daily they are getting benefits of lower fasting glucose, lower average glucose levels over a 3-month period, and lower total cholesterol, triglyceride, and levels of harmful cholesterol.However, the people are increasing levels of HDL or “good” cholesterol.

3.   Skin Conditions – Health Benefits of Sage

There are topical salve that has been made by using sage leaves. This way has been proving to fight against certain skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne that annoys you the most. If you constantly have to struggle with blemishes, it is the best that you make use of it to sooth the appearance of those. In the mean time, you can also directly apply sage extracts and salves over the affected areas until you find satisfied result.


Although a lot of proof is avalible to substantiate this profit, bound compounds in sage seem to own associate medicinal drug action.

4.   Digestion – Health Benefits of Sage

It is contain high amount of rosmarinic acid found in sage that acts as wonderful anti-inflammatory  tools to fix many parts of the body, as well as your stomach. This would, in turn can works wonders to prevent gastric spasms. In the mean time, it can significantly lower the occurrence of for those who have to suffer from the uncomfortable and embarrassing conditions.

The trick with this is super simple as you need to add sage to your meals and consume it on regular basis and soon you will find satisfied result.

5.    Pain – Health Benefits of Sage

For those who have to cope with menstrual disorders as well as strong pain during their periods, it is the best that you might go for sage tea. This would work efficiently to sooth headaches as well as stomach pains. It would, however, help to keep fluid retention and general irritability at bay.

6.   Rheumatism – Health Benefits of Sage

Sage is pack with anti-inflammatory properties, which is extremely beneficial for treating diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis in order to help you to relieve muscle aches. Besides, it also has great muscle relaxant, which is the reason why people have long been making it as one of the best ingredient for treating the problem of muscles pain and other related issues.

7.    Sleep Better – Health Benefits of Sage

Sage also has high concentration of magnesium, a essential mineral that have potential benefits in improving the quality, duration of your daily sleep. Along with that, it also works the best to help you to regulate the metabolism and reduce sleep disorders.