Eating of slate pencils has some benefits but there are having more side effects that lead to serious disease.

When children are 3 years younger, father and mother think about the to give a good education and they buy one slate and panicle for the starting the education. This is not the last slate for starting the education there are so many times of buying the slate till completion of the primary equation.

From the nineteenth century, children have used slate Pencils to practice letters and practice the mathematics.

South India is using slate pencils more and this is a great idea to save the paper and also that time also the paper is not available easily.

Nowadays technology is developed people are buying tablets for starting the initial study.

Childhood of every people has some mistake but some people are corrected according to the increase of age. Eating of slate pencils is one of the mistakes. So many children are leaving this bad habit but some children are not leaving this habit.

There are some pregnant women having calcium deficiency they are also scarves to eat slate pencils.

slate pencils
slate pencils cutting from natural rock

Slate Pencils Eating Benefits

There are no benefits to eating slate pencils because there are no organic compounds are not available so people have miss conception regarding eating of pencils.

Some Small to young age group children are like to eat slate pencils because they are like the flavor or the smell and try to eat them.

At the initial time, they love to eat small amounts. After some days it turns into a bad habit.

Those children are like to love slate pencils they might have suffered some medical complication called pica. In these condition people are like to eat nonstuffed food or which are not eatable.

According to a study, pica suffers patients have lower iron and zinc, and calcium level in the body. Blood iron level is also low.

Disadvantages Eating of slate pencils

Slate pencils have no any high toxic material so eating slate pencils has not had that much impact on your health. But continuous of this may suffer harmful or serious disease.

  • Generally teeth damage is the 1st happens when you start eating of slate pencils.
  • Then you are not feeling hungry due to eating nondigestible food.
  • Increase microorganisms in the stomach lead to stomach pain.
  •  Kidney stones may happen.

What type of complications face regularly eating slate pencils?

Acute acidity

Due to eating of nonstuff food, it will not be digestion properly, So indigestion occurs that leads to pain in the Stomach, chest.

If these slate pencils eating continuously may lead to Severe acidity and heartburn.

Mouth Ulcer and teeth deformation

According to a study, those children are eating slate pencils, teeth of these people are deformation.

Slate pencils are very strong and hard so when you continuously chewing your teeth are rubbed with pencils as a result your teeth are broken slightly.  Some time small hard part is an injury to the inner mouth and tongue and jaw.

Felling weakness

Sometimes you are not feeling hungry because of indignation, this happened frequently. So food eating capacity gradually decreases simultaneously you are feeling weakness due to lesser the amount of nutrients. This is one of the causes that small children are weight loss.


Infection In Kidney

Slate Pencils are not bacteria-free and not clean properly before eating. when they go inside the body, spread kidney infections and it is not identified easily.

After the infection of the kidney, normal food is not filtrated out. In some cases, deposition of the slate pencil are deposition and formation stone occur that leads to pain in the lower stomach.

What happened if Eating slate pencils during pregnancy?

At the time of pregnancy, there are so many hormones and vitamins and minerals that are changed in the body. Calcium and iron and zinc minerals sometimes may reduce which leads to the development of PICA-like disorder.

At the time of pregnancy, the woman and her family member are taking precautions to food. If any confusion regarding any type of food consults you, doctor, immediately.

How to treat the eating of slate Pencils?

If you or your family member or any of your relatives are eating slate pencil take him to the doctor, some people think this habit but these symptoms are not cured.

As we know these disorders come due to deficiency of some minerals. Doctors may advise doing some tests, to know the level of minerals in the body.

After that, they give some medication to balance the mineral level in the body. For example, if your body’s Iron level is lower prescribe ferrous-containing medication to maintain the level of iron in the body.

How to prepare slate pencils at Home?

To prepare the slate pencils mainly four-ingredient are required in bulk amount

  • Plaster of Paris
  • Glue
  • Sodium Silicate
  • Chalky Soil

now take the first step to prepare the pencils.

To prepare the fine powder to grind chalky soil and Plaster of Paris simultaneously and mix it properly to make the homogenous mixture and sive the mixture.

Simultaneously prepare the gum solution, for that propose take gum and hot water and keep as it is for 2 HR.

Stain the solution with help of sive and keep the filtrate and add some amount of sodium silicate, Mixed it properly and add the homogenous mixture and make slurry.

The transfer the slurry to mold for giving the proper shape.

This method are nowadays used for the preparation of pencils. But in nineteenth century, this method is not used for preparation pencils.

Preparation procedure are now comes to fulfill the requirement and solve certain problems. But in the nineteenth century, people are using the mountain white stone for writing propose. After that giving shape to stone and use for writing.