Best Source of Protein For Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian

If you think about source of protein this post is for you.Today we discussed snacking and whether it’s better to eat three meals per day or six smaller meals per day. in this article I recommended that we include protein in our meals and in our snacks. so in this article, I’m counting down the top 10 sources of protein.

I want you to leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite source of protein. now I am going to include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources of protein. so be sure to leave me a comment letting me know your favorite source of protein. before I get started I want to briefly explain why protein is important in the first place. so protein is composed of amino acids and the semi amino acids literally are the building muscle that becomes us so our muscles and tissues and organs are composed of the semi amino acids.

Egg Source of protein
Egg Source of protein

That we get from protein another important thing about protein is that when we eat protein it stimulates the release of the hormone glucagon. glucagon is the digestive hormone that encourages us to burn and metabolize fast including protein in your meals and stimulating the release of glucagon. Is what signals our body to become full and become satisfied and it also stimulate the source body to start metabolizing and burning fat.

so protein is something we want to include in our snacks and in all of our meals. in this article I’m going to give you the top 10 sources of protein.

Egg Good Source of protein

The incredible edible egg. eggs are a terrific source of protein but I want to take a moment to dispel a couple of myths about eggs. now there have been a lot of people who have said eggs are really high in cholesterol you don’t want to eat. the yolk and this is not a good healthy recommendation now there is a lot of confusion about cholesterol.

Today I also clear all the confusion about eggs are good or bad for the health. One study in the journal of clinical chemistry was conducted by dr. Howard Elliott in the late 1970s showing that an interesting theory that eggs not only are not bad for cardio health but may actually be beneficial for health. the study showed cholesterol in the yolk of the egg stimulated what we call apoE genotype a genetic component that actually protects against cardiovascular disease we call it CVD or cardiovascular disease when the American Heart Association did Studies on the effect of cholesterol and egg consumption with a controlled group evidence of serum cholesterol was indeed elevate.

 but the bottom line here that you need to remember is that eating the whole egg is what provides you the benefit so the yolk actually is what contains most of the nutrients that are contained in the egg and if you’re not eating the yolk then you’re really missing out many natural nutrients and also it doesn’t taste as good.

so when you eat eggs you want to actually eat the whole entire egg and to give you some ideas of how you can integrate eggs into your diet. obviously they make a great breakfast but one thing I like to do is hard boil or soft boil eggs. so there’s a lot of ways to integrate eggs not just for breakfast so while they do make a really great breakfast food I actually integrate eggs into a lot of different meals and especially. if you are a vegetarian eggs are going to be a really great source of protein so again don’t worry about the cholesterol myths surrounding eggs go ahead and eat the whole entire egg and recognize that this is going to be a great source of protein and not just for breakfast but also eat as lunch.

Cheese Good Source of Protein

cheese is my next top source of protein. so it’s important to know that processed cheese products don’t count in healthy. so one kind of surefire sign sure way to tell is by looking on the ingredient list of the cheese product you’re buying. if it has a bunch of long weird chemical names on it that should be your red flag. this is a processed cheese product and it’s really not a very healthy food to consume.

Cheese Source of protein
Cheese Source of protein

 when we are eating high quality cheeses then it can be a very good source of protein. one way to know that you are purchasing a high-quality source of cheese is if it actually words grass-fed or pasture raised on the packaging. this tip can also be applied over to eggs as well that come from grass-fed or pasture raised chickens.

the bottom line here is to look for those words grass-fed or pasture-raised and that will tell you that this is a high quality product.

Yogurt Good Source of Protein

another wonderful source of protein is yogurt but again there’s a couple of myths that I want to dispel soften times. when we are in the grocery store and in the yogurt section there are a lot of different yogurts to choose. most of the yogurts that we see advertised on TV, actually contain a whole lot of sugar. some cases they even contain high fructose corn syrup and other different chemical additives. that we don’t want to be eating that are not part of a healthy food.

so my tips are to actually read the ingredient labels and if you see a bunch of weird chemical names or you see sugar then that again is going to be kind of your red flag. So this is a processed food this isn’t the healthiest choice of yogurt. I could have you can also look for the words grass-fed and pasture raised. once more so having dairy products or any kind of animal product from animals that are grass-fed and pasture raised it’s just going to contain a lot more nutrition. it’s going to be a lot more high-quality product again you could also look for the words organic and then you also want to avoid nonfat dairy products so this is probably one of the biggest myths about dairy products.

Yogurt Source of protein
Yogurt Source of protein

that’s out there and we can remember you know a couple of years ago there was this big craze of fat-free products nonfat foods skim milk etc. giving us this idea that oh well if we eat non fat foods.

we’re not going to be as fat well actually it’s kind of completely the opposite. so the fat contained in a high quality dairy product is actually helps you digest  that dairy product. so when you take the fat out and eat a fat free or skinned version, it’s actually going to be harder for your body to digest another benefit of the fat that’s contained in these certain dairy products is that the fat actually helps us feel full and tells our body to turnoff that hunger mechanism so when we’re eating a food like yogurt for instance. we’ve got a high source of protein but then we’ve also got a high source of high quality fats and these high quality fats are really good for our brain. they’re really good for our overall health and they’re what make us feel full and feel satisfied so one other recommendation on yogurt is to just buy an unsweetened yogurt.

then what you can do is you have something really versatile so for instance in the morning I can take some of my yogurt add some fruit or may be even add some honey and sweeten. it to serve with my granola for instance.

 Almonds Good Source of Protein

 another fabulous source of protein is almonds. Almonds are probably the top source of protein. another great thing about almonds is that they help to stabilize our blood sugar. so they make a really great snack especially if you’re trying to lose weight or you have problems with maintaining your bloodsuga or you have diabetes or something like that, so nuts this is probably my favorite snack to just carry around in my purse just carry around some trail mix.


now the only point I want to make about trail mix is that oftentimes when we buy a bag of trail mix especially in a convenience store or in the bulk section of the grocery store a lot of times these are nuts that are heavily salted. they contain dried fruits some time they even contain chocolate and if you are really looking for a good high-quality, just high-protein snack. especially if you’re looking for something that’s going to help you lose weight you want to just have the nuts.

Almond Source of Protein
Almond Source of Protein

 preferably they’re not going to be salted they’re not going to have candy or something mixed in with the trail mix. so you can actually one thing I like to do is go to the bulk section and get a bag of pecans a bag of almonds a bag of peanuts. kind of make my own trail mix with those different fresh nuts. so nuts really great source of protein. this is something you can add to salads and add to your meals.

Snack Beans Good Source of Protein

 snack beans are another great source of protein. there are a lot of different beans out  there is lentils kidney beans, pinto black beans, garbanzo bean, sand there’s a lot of different uses for beans you could make hummus you could make a stew you can add beans to salads. just about anything else and beans have gotten kind of a bad rap for causing digestive distress but that digestive distress can be significantly minimized by preparing the beans correctly.

Natural Appetite Stimulant for Humans

How to Eat Beans?

so soaking the beans before preparing them or even sprouting the beans. you can also add seaweed to beans while you’re cooking them. all of these different methods will help to make them easier to digest. make them less likely to make you gassy if that’s something you have a problem with bean. so hopefully this is something again definitely for vegetarians beans are one of probably the best sources of protein.

but whether you’re vegetarian, not I highly recommend that you incorporate more of these foods into your diet most of you have probably heard of tofu.  you may not be familiar with tempeh, so tempeh is a fermented tofu product.  when you ferment the tofu it really unleashes the different nutritional benefit.

It significantly ups the protein content so you can find tempeh in pretty much any grocery store definitely any health food store it’s very easy to prepare again this is a really great food for vegetarians. because it can be used in place of certain meat products now tofu itself is still a good source of protein. but it’s not quite as good of a source of protein. there are some people who have problems when they eat too much. if you’re a vegetarian and you eat a lot of tofu and really depend on tofu for the protein in your diet. I would recommend checking out tempeh and looking at if you can replace some of the tofu in your diet with this fermented tofu called tempehand.

even if you’re not a vegetarian this is still a really great source of protein it has a really great flavor. highly recommend that you check it out as we approach number one in our countdown I know that you guys are waiting for the animal product and meat products but before we get there we’ve got one more vegetarian source of protein.

Mustard greens Good Source of Protein

that is spinach as paragusSwiss chard and mustard greens.  you might be surprised to find that these vegetables are actually up there really close to all the meat products. I’m about to mention and it’s worth noting that pretty much. all of the vegetables have a good amount of protein to offer so squash, tomatoes, mushrooms, peas, kale all of these different vegetables are still considered good sources of protein.

Those people are think how on earth can a vegetarian get enough protein? well this is it because right up there with the animal products you’ve got these really great vegetables. so not only do we have phytonutrients vitamins all kinds of wonderful nutrients coming from these vegetables.

 go ahead and recognize that these are also really good sources of protein and a great thing for every one to incorporate more into their diet.

animal products are probably the most common thing that people think.  when they think about protein but I want to give you some really useful recommendations on how to find a good high-quality meat product for you to eat.  As we above discussion of grass-fed and pasture raised vs. factory farmed meats. looking for the words grass-fed or pastureraised is one of the best ways to make sure that you are avoiding harmful chemicals pesticides that might have been sprayed on the food. they’re eating GMOs.

Meat Good Source of Protein

Those people are like to eat Non Veg like meat and Fish, This tips for those people. Generally people are eating factory farmed meat which is pretty much all of your conventional meat. anything in are staurant. fast food place any kind of junk food these are generally going to come from factory farmed animals and they are not good healthy sources of protein.

 another consideration is avoiding processed meats so if you are buying a meat product and you turn over and there is an ingredient label on it that’s the first sign that that’s not 100% meat. then if you go on to read that ingredient label.  you seen it rates and nitrites or you see any kind of long weird-looking chemicals, that should set off the red flag.

 The processed meat product and is really not a healthy choice. so avoiding any kind of processed meat thing any kind of fast food microwave meals all of those recommendations are still really important. if you are looking for a healthy source of protein that’s going to come from a meat product like chicken, beef . turkey which is actually the number one source of protein you just want to make sure that it is fishp roducts so we’ve got tuna Cod shrimpall of these are really good sources of protein.