Sweet potato benefits for the health and its risk

Sweet potato benefits for the health and its risk

Sweet potato Benefit for health

Sweet potato Content more amount of natural sugar, which is good for health and it also
contain vitamin A fibre and potassium .It is also called Yam in the North America.
Sweet potato not in normal potato but it Benefit  some extend same like potato Name
of this vegetable is different as per the country some examples given Argentina ,
Venezuela , puerto rico in this country they called batata.

Mexico Peru  Chile Central America and  Philippines they call camote.
Origin Origin of the sweet potato   was Central America and South America before
5000 years and people love to eat due to there  sweetness and health benefit.
sweet potato for health
sweet potato


Always try to buy the fresh vegetable , fresh vegetable contain more amount of vitamin .
if vegetable are degrade in the home then don’t eat .

It also contain protein ,fat ,zinc,choline, vitamin B6 ,calcium , vitamin C , magnesium,
iron ,phosphorus ,riboflavin ,folate. Fiber and sugar is the main constituent of the
sweet potato .

Sweet potato for health benefit

Fruits and vegetable are very help full to the human health and provide the adequate
amount of energy for the normal people .

Many doctor and research say daily in take of vegetable are preventing the risk of many
disease like diabetes, blood pressure , weight gain and weight loss and gastric. It also
containing the anti inflammatory nutrients , antioxidant activity, blood sugar regulating

Sweet potato for the Diabetics

People are think Sweet potato are not good for the diabetics patients but actually helps
the diabetic patients to maintaining the blood sugar level in the body.

Sweet potato having the low glycemic index value so it is not increase much sugar level
in the body and one more benefit is it contain more fiber , fiber are the responsible for the
maintaining insulin and lipid in the type 2 diabetics patients .

One study report say those people are eat more amount of sweet potato this people having
low blood glucose level.
Overall diabetic can take 2-3 pice of raw orange colour sweet potato for the better health life.

How sweet potato can help in cancer

It are containing more amount of antioxidants as well fibers. Antioxidants are
helps to balance the free radicals present in human body. So antioxidants are very helpful
to the body ultimately . carotenoids are very helpful to the patient to preventing the growth
of cancer cell in the human body and it also increase the growth of immune power.
Fried sweet potato is good for health
Fried sweet potato


Sporamine is the one of the chemical constituent present in the vegetable more amount
which has anti cancer effect . sporamine is very helps to fight the cancer cell to growth of
the growth.

How sweet potato help in constipation

It is very helpful to the constipation patient because it contain more amount of water .
Those patients are suffering constipation they are fried with the fire and eat for the showing
the result . it contains more amount of fiber so helps to preventing constipation.

For the loose motion

Those patients are suffer the loose motion they can eat boling it. It very helps to make
stool for the loose motion patients . sweet potato are various effect according to its taking
procedure .

Helps to gain the weight

Those people are worried about to their weight they can take this by simple fried with the
butter with skin it is helps to rapidly increase the body weight.

Bodybuilder are very like to eat this type food to gain the weight and it also helps to digest
the fat , digestion of daily food which is taken in the day to day life .

A small size of sweet potato contain about 8 gm of the fiber . fiber is also helps to build the
muscle in human .
China is cultivating about 70.6 million tone of this vegetable per year for the food.


For the inflammation

It contain the choline which convert to acetylcholine it is responsible for sleeping , blood
circulation , muscle movement ,learning , memory power. It is also helps to formation of
cellular membrane and sending nerve impulse.

Sweet potato for the eye

Eye is the very sensitive organ of human and its treatment is very costly and painful but
its preventive action is very easy and less cost just by taking some vegetable which is
containing Vitamin A.

It contain the beta carotene which is converting into Vitamin A . Vitamin A is helps to
improving the vision and it also helps to preventing the night blindness . some time it helps
to preventing the eye infection in the cronia .  

Sweet potato use for the cold

It also contain some amount of zinc and zinc is helps to reduce the cold
symptoms . when you suffer the cold can take boiling for better relax form cold symptoms.

Brain development

It contains more amount of vitamin B6 , vitamin B6 is helps to improving the brain power,
brain development , brain function . it also help to serotonin and nor-epinephrine secretion
in the body.

Risk factor of sweet potato

Those patient are taking beta blocker for the heart problem they are avoiding to eat more
sweet potato because it contains more amount of potassium .and beta blocker is also use
for increase the potassium level in the body . kidney can’t filter the more amount of
potassium form the blood and ultimately its function is reduce .
Don’t eat more if this is your favorite .you can eat with the mixing the other vegetable .

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