tomato benefit to health and some risk

tomato benefit to health and some risk

Tomato benefit for the human health

Tomato now a days is the favorite vegetable for the daily intake food along with the potato
and onion . one study say if 100 people are goto the vegetable shop the chances of buying
tomato is 80-85 people . this vegetable are originating in south africa. In the spain it called
tomate .in USA it named tomato. In the India favorite of this vegetable are gradually increase
as compared to before the 8 year. India is comes third number for the production of this
vegetable. USA comes fourth number for the production of this vegetable . china comes
first position for the production of the vegetable.

Fresh tomato
Fresh tomato


This article contain benefit of taking this vegetable and importance to health , how to eat
more in the food daily life , risk to excess take.

What are the benefit of tomato ?  

This vegetable are very help full the human body and it looking very attractive because of
its colour is red and round shape.
It helps to preventing cancer, blood pressure , heart disease , diabetes, skin glowing,
preventing constipation, eye protection and pregnancy.

Tomato benefit for Cancer

In human body 14 carotenoids are available among them 9 types are available in the
tomato. Carotenoids are very help full to human body. It contains Lycopene , neurosporene,
gamma- carotene,beta- carotene, phytoene, phytofluene . lycopene are antioxidant in
nature which helps prevent the formation of free radical , free radical are mainly responsible
for cancer. It is mainly helps to prevent the prostate cancer.
Lycopene is polyphenol group , colour of the tomato is produce due to present of lycopene.
Some study in japan say Beta-carotene are helps to reduce the cone cancer.

What is effect of tomato in blood pressure patients ?

Tomato benefit due to rich in vitamin c and antioxidant . Nature of antioxidant is reduce the blood the
grade 1 hypertension . it is also reduce the systolic and diastolic blood pressure in the
grade 1 hypertension. It also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases . due to antioxidant
property it also reduce the atherosclerosis. Overall it helps to reduce the heart disease .
patients who is suffer the heart any problem they can take tomato extract for the better
healthy life .
tomato juice
tomato juice 


How tomato helps to improve diabetic patients ?

It mainly helps to improve patient health who is suffer the type 1 diabetic patients as well as
the type 2 diabetes . but it more helps to improve the type 2 diabetes because it contain the
lycopene , vitamin C , Vitamin E and other essential constituent .
There are the many study are conducted to proof the effect of tomato to the diabetic patient
among them 60- 75% are successfully proved that tomato improve the health of diabetic
We recommended that 200 gm of raw tomato extract taking daily to improve the diabetic

patient health.

Tomato benefit for the constipation

It is also use during the constipation or bowel problem . in our day to day life people are
taking more amount fructose containing food which is produced the constipation . Tomato
contain fibers and more amount of hydrate molecules which is help to prevent the
dehydration of body and bowel movements.

Tomato benefit for skin

Tomato is helps to glowing skin because of it contain the plenty of antioxidant . when you
are tired or feeling tired you must try to drink cup of tomato juice it gives you freshness to
your face .it also maintain the ph balance on the face . it also recover the dead cell on face
when you applied on the face .
A piece of tomato is rubbing with the fine sugar and natural gee for some time and clean
the face with cold water it help glowing of skin . it also cure the dark spot present below
the eye.
Many people are using various cosmetic to glowing the face by investing more money .
but it best mask to face with low cost.

Use of tomato for the eye

Tomato is also good for the eye. In our eye there are many cells are present like rod and
cone cells which is helps to convert the light and colour information to brain . it also
contain the vitamin A , lutein , lycopene and zeaxanthin. Vitamin A is helps the lense
present in eye to converting visual information to the brain. Lutein and zeaxanthin are
providing to strength to lense which is help to capturing the image and light form the
Lycopene are helps to preventing the free radical which is damage the eye tissue.
Overall tomato is very help full to eye my recommendation is daily intake of tomato is
good for the eye.

Some risk factor due to intake of tomato

All the vegetable have some side effect due to excess intake and some some condition.
Same like in case of tomato have some side effect and risk factor in certain cases.


Tomato plant is comes under nightshade groups that means this plant is toxic in nature .
and for the growing of the plant various types of pesticide are use which is very harmful
to the human health . so before taking you must ringe with water and always try to eat
naturally cultivation vegetable which is very help full for the health.


One cup of raw tomato chop contain around 427 mg of potassium . if the patient are
taking beta blocker for the lowering the blood pressure they must avoiding the tomato.
because the kidney can’t filter excess amount of potassium form the blood , may chances
of kidney failure .


Those patients are suffer the gas and heartburn and vomiting occur they must try to avoid
the tomato because it have some acidic property.

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