What is vitamin C ? ,vitamin C benifit , vitamin C serum

What is vitamin C ? ,vitamin C benifit , vitamin C serum

What is vitamin C ? ,vitamin C benefit , vitamin C serum
Vitamin c is also called ascorbic acid. It is very help full to our body such as it increase the immunity of body so there are no disease are affected in any bacterial ,virus ,fungus attack and environmental change. some people are affect the cold in the almost rainy session this people are immunity is very low.
Vitamin c is not prepare in our body . it is mostly found in the fruits and vegetable. This vitamin is water soluble in nature .so it is not store in the body that why some doctor are advice to eat vegetable on daily.
If you think you eat this year more vegetable and fruits you will not require this vitamin  for the next year then you wrong .

Vitamin c Rich vegetable
Vitamin c Rich vegetable


Source of vitamin c
It is rich in citrus fruit like lemon ,orange etc. and it also found in grapes, red pepper, kiwifruit, green pepper , broccoli, strawberries, tomato, cabbage, cauliflower, green pee etc . many other fruits and vegetable
Requirement of vitamin C  

Form the age 19-70 year people daily requirement of vitamin  is aprox. 40 mg. if you take one medium size orange it give 70 mg of vitamin c which is enough for your body.
Let know some technical part of Vitamin C in our body, It is helps to create some neurotransmitter  and biosynthesis of collagen and it also helps in protein metabolize . collagen is help to wound healing. It help to absorption of iron . it have the antioxidant property. Due to this property of it some people are use in the face. it have antioxidant property so it  helps to protect of free radical.

Vitamin c Deficiency

It deficiency disease like scurvy is occur. Additionally various disease are shown in the deficiency of vitamin .
As we above discus this vitamin helps to absorption of iron due to deficiency of vitamin c iron are not absorbed form food so blood iron level discrease.so anemia occur.
Mainly due synthesis of collagen wound healing process are slow .
Other symptoms are fatigue, malaise ,bleeding in gum, swollen in the gum ,teeth loss, and inflammation in gum are shown in the deficiency of vitamin c. joint pain are occur,

Vitamin c more in take     
If you take more this vitamin in a day aprox. 1000 mg it causes stomach pain, diarrhea, flatulence like symptoms .but don’t worried about this when you stop the taking vitamin c symptoms are gone.

Some case risk of vitamin c deficiency

As we know active smoker and passive smoker are lower the plasma level of this vitamin. so study say smoker need 35 mg more this vitamin extra as compare to the normal human being.
Now a day mother are given to his/her infants cow’s milk . But cow’s milk are very less amount of vitamin c when milk are boiled this vitamin are destroy due to it’s  heat sensitive in nature. So my recommend is don’t give the infant cow’s milk ,breast milk is best for infants.
Some people are eat specific vegetable in the day to day life . but all the vegetable have not contain the same amount of this vitamin .due to this reason this people are suffering scurvy.

 Vitamin C use in the common cold

It is use for the treatment of common cold very effectively. It also use as prevention of common cold.

Vitamin C inovation

It was identified by albert Szent-gyorgyi in the 1930s for this work he got nobel prize . First he found paprika which is contain maximum amount of vitamin c.

Vitamin C serum

There are many many skin doctor are prescribe the vitamin c serum for make women and girls for increasing her beauty. As it is antioxidant property in nature.

Vitamin c dosage

Now a days this vitamin is also available in the form of tablets. Due to busy life many people are not take required amount of vitamin c that’s the reason people are suffer disease. Some dose are decided by scientist form there research. For men 90 mg daily and for women 75 mg daily. Age regarding 19-50 year 120 mg required .those people are use tobacco they are 35 mg additional take.
For the treatment of scurvy 100-250 mg of vitamin are advice .
For the iron absorption if you plenty of iron reach food there are no effect if vitamin c is not sufficient amount in your body .so for 30 mg of iron absorption required 200 mg of this vitamin.
For the treatment of high blood pressure 500 mg of vitamin are take along with blood pressure lowering medicine.   


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